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Boat races

An update on the Crafting For Courage sale - thanks again for the support. The doll, scarf and stack of linens have sold but I may still be adding items to the shop until Monday, depends on time.

Today though it's off to school to make boats with little people while parents help out around the school with things like painting, planting and clearing. Another community event, this time a little closer to home.

There are still items left to buy in the sale and several makers are trying to add more throughout the weekend, so if you can please go and have a look, visit the Etsy shops and browse around. It's a great opportunity to buy beautiful, handmade things and help the children of Japan at the same time.

The image above is from a Green Parent article I wrote last year; it's taken with some of our favourite sailors (hope to see you sailors soon!!!).

Happy weekend,



Jill Wignall

How wonderful that all the parents are chipping in to help out. Sounds like an enjoyable day. x

Patricia Longoria

Enjoy the day away from the computer, but I do hope you'll get a chance to rest as well. You deserve to sit down with a nice cup of tea and just be. And I think I would so like to join you!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Saturday is over now, and I hope you'll have had a lovely day at school with all the other children & their parents. That's a very interesting meeting, having everyone doing something and helping out !
I'm so happy that the scarf, linens & doll sold out ! YAY !!!
I've been repeating this several times, but only because I DO think it, but, I am so proud of us girls, we will have raised a lot of money for such a small group of ladies !

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