Crafting For Courage
The "sail" goes on

Springtime and sunny linens

Thank you to all the makers who have pulled together in such a short time to make and sell their art for the Crafting For Courage sale. Today was the first day and it's already going so well but it wouldn't be going well if there weren't a huge number of generous buyers out there supporting the efforts of the makers so thank you to you too!

The Gracie Doll and the scarf have both sold, thank you to the kind purchasers! I put together a collection of linens from my stock to add to the sale. Bits of old linen, lace and embroidery are my favourite supplies, I love working with textiles that have history. Tomorrow I'll add this pile of goodies to the shop for the sale. It includes a long piece of the same antique linen I made the scarf from (un-dyed). A stash of vintage linens is great to have on hand for whipping up quick gifts like these, and these.

If your favourite maker has run out of stock for the sale don't give up, many are working on replenishing, I know at least one very busy bunny maker who is stitching her fingers to the bone for the cause. Also, more makers are in the process of being added.


Just thought I'd sign off with some happy daffs that smile and wave at me when the wind blows.


Remember, the sale will be on until Monday :)

Thank you again for the generous support.





Sonia / Cozy Memories

thank you, thank you so much Joanie, for everything you have been doing for this event & sale to happen. I'm quite proud of our group & of the lovely ladies who joined us then. That's how we can make this world a better place.
and of course, three cheers for the generous buyers !!!

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