Indigo day and cheerful stitches

Comfort and things


Because the weather is stormy and children (and mother) irritable, today comfort in the form of baking was needed. Oatmeal & milk chocolate chunk cookies with tea perked us all right up and even helped get us through homework and a small mountain of laundry.

Tristan has started a blog all on his own. I'm not sure how much time he'll have to update it because of his long school hours but please check out his first posts if you have the time. I have a feeling my camera will start disappearing ;)

You can read about his inspiration for this collage on his site

And I "spotted" this sweet toadstool treatment on a child's blanket on Bella Bobbin. It's made with the Mouse House appliqué pattern .


Bella Bobbin is full of spotty treats, I'm loving the look of the toadstool cakes.

Happy Sunday to you,






Oh, such a pretty way to use your pattern! I shall head on over to Bella Bobbin forthwith. You do find the best blogs to look at.

I have been foul today and the children have been angels which, for some reason, just made me worse. Thank goodness their dad is now back from his office and has taken over bathtime!


i didn't know your son had a blog (!)

margie oomen

rain, rain, everywhere this week , it seems. Your son's blog is really off to a great start but I hear you about the camera thing.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

congrats to T for starting his own blog, I need to stop by ASAP !
baking session was in order yesterday too, even though we didn't get the rain that was predicted.
I wish you, P & the kids a lovely Valentine's day today
may your heart be filled with love, today & everyday <3

Bella Bobbin

Thanks for mentioning us on your blog - it really was a delight to use such a sweet pattern. x


Tea and cookies always make me feel better too.


Tristan is already doing a fantastic job with his blog! And he is almost your equal with the camera! You must be so proud of him.

I have his blog in my reader.

Gracie - is she blogging yet?

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