It's a silver (and gold) day
A giveaway, just because

Safety, stitching and wishes

Embroidered cotton tape

First tulips of the year :)

Gracie drawing safely

A new corner for an old cupboard

Grown up tea set

I haven't been around these parts for a while now but it's all been good. I've managed to complete some belated birthday presents and finish rearranging my workspace. I'm still in the process of sorting out the vintage textiles but that tends to lead to inspiration of one sort or another so I count that as doubly productive. It makes me smile to see that online friends have been making the same things at the same time, it's almost like we're in the same room :)

Happy birthday today to Dianne! Sorry I can't be with you but I'm sharing the sunny tulips with you that Tristan gave me.

Gracie was home one day this week, she had a sore throat... no a tummy ache... no a headache. Really, she was tired and I wasn't up to challenging her; honestly, spending a day together is a treat anyway. She recently got a new safety helmet for skating and decided to wear it on her "sick" day while working on her blog. 

Tristan is going through a Nirvana stage so we're finding ourselves racing around the house to Smells Like Teen Spirit as we get out the door each morning (thanks for that Uncle Pete). He also just finished a crazy two weeks of performing music for a play. It's been worth it, the play was fantastic and we're so proud of his performance. Recently I was discussing life soundtracks with Pat. It occurs to me that I can trace Tristan's development with music like a height chart, one day I'll right them all down.

The last photo is a tea set I made for my sister-in-law. I made a whole bunch of these for a craft fair about four years ago and haven't felt like making any since, but after receiving my bookhou cozy in the post it reminded me of how useful they really are. I think of this linen toile as quite grown up and my sister-in-law has a grown up house; no sticky door handles or muddy footprints or wet towels tossed on the bathroom floor.

Tomorrow, a giveaway - finally :)

And what are you listening to in your house?



ah, those damned winter germs ... they're at their best right now, aren't they ?! P is still home & coughing his lungs out, poor soul. I hope G will feel much better soon.
you have created a very pretty tea set for your SIL, she will be thrilled ! (or must have been)
to your last question : well, apart from people atchooing & coughing, I'm listening to JazzRadio. When I actually think about it.


The safety helmet while drawing just makes me laugh. Listening to: the Indigo Girls and Mumford and Sons.


Glad to see you've been very productive in this start of the year !
Sorry to hear for Gracie's sore throat, but unfortunately, germs are everywhere (even here) in this period of the year :( She's so fun with her helmet. Great for her she'll have her own blog !
To answer to your question, I'm listening, in my studio, Prokofiev "Peter and the Wolf" or CD with sounds of the forest ... my creatures love that !
Wish you all a happy Friday !

margie oomen

what a beautiful post
i have been listening to a cd hubby got for christmas of the moody blues.


I love the picture of Gracie drawing safely! So funny! Lucy x


Joanie, you've been so productive; I laud you (that is a word, isn't it? it should be).

The CD I made for my niece's birthday has been in my car since early January, and its sunny songs have been keeping me going through the winter, "The Sound of Sunshine" by Michael Franti and Spearhead especially, but also the Buddhist-like "On the Radio" by Regina Spektor.


Another warm and wonderful visit with you. Thank you for a lovely break and a happy sigh.

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