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Cones of joy, a tutorial

Hearts Tree

I was recently playing with some cut out heart shapes and realized they would make a nice Victorian style cone ornament. I made some up out of fabric and have loved stitching these little heart cones over the past week; I think the heart sides of these give them a Scandinavian look.

Small-template I created a template for these and we made the same cones at our school fair yesterday out of card stock instead of fabric.

You can download this template yourself. I've added simple instructions too to show how I made these cones from fabric.

I will be back later in the coming week with the giveaway I mentioned in previous posts.

Thanks for the sweet comments about The Forager Bag. I know some of you are already whipping them up.

My Forager bags are being used for twigs and branches, lichen, stones and library books too.  Cover pattern

What would you use a Forager bag for?

See you soon.

P.S. These cones might become an advent calendar for next year. 
I'd better start now ;) 




super sweet heart cones :)

margie oomen

i would use it for all the above and more of course.
I can't wait to find some sewing time over the holidays.

Meg Roberts

Did you use felt for the outside? What was the weight of your fusible webbing?? Where did you find the candy cane cording?? These are really nice, thank you for sharing.


You are most gracious for posting this free. Thank you so much.


Hi Meg,

Here are a few answers to your questions:

Did you use felt for the outside?

I used a heavy linen but I also made them with a lightweight linen and simply doubled them up (effectively giving me three layers of fabric). Felt would work nicely but be careful ironing on to felt, if it's high in acrylic it could melt so test it first. I use 100% wool felt and iron it on a medium setting. Also, if using felt, you may not need the little tabs that fold inward, they might become too bulky

What was the weight of your fusible webbing??

I live in the UK and I've never found multiple weights of webbing here. I used just a standard webbing made by Vilene but we have another called Bondaweb - they are both fairly lightweight. I've read about heavier weight fusible webbing and learned that they can gum up the needle but perhaps you already have experience using it.

Really, the structure of the cones comes from the weight of the fabrics, not the webbing.

Where did you find the candy cane cording??

I bought my cording in a small shop near where I live in Hampshire but it should be easy to find online in the States. Probably best to do a search for Bakers' Twine, named because it's similar to the string that use to tie up the nice pink boxes from bakeries.

Hope that helps.

Meg Roberts

Thanks Joanie, Going to get my supplies today!


Joanie these are so sweet and beautiful. And what i especially love about them is that they will go from the Christmas tree right to the Nini Makes Valentine Tree!

In fact, i doubt i will ever really be able to put them away!


Your embroidered bird is so cute (below) I had to pin it! :-) Also, congrats on making a book, it looks lovely!

Ruth Hower

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! I can see the hearts also being made from greeting cards for all the holidays.

Ali Rockwell

This is so great!


Pure beauty! love it!


Joanie, thank you for yet another fantastic tutorial and templates. I just purchased the fabric for the forager bag I want to make, but it's buried as well under a doll in the making and handmade Christmas wrapping paper. Maybe it will be my New Year's present to myself! :)


Oh wow, this is lovely! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be spreading the word.


This tutorial combines so many of my favourite things: red & white, hearts and fabric! Love them! They look great on your tree - thanks for sharing!

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