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Collecting and things

Autumn collection

Can't before we're already in the home autumn stretch. My new bag is filled will these finds like those above these days. The chestnuts, cobb nuts and acorns are hard to find now due to the industriousness of squirrels bedding down for winter but I've still found a few. And I love the shape and texture of the beech pods, like woolly hats for the fairies and gnomes. The moss covers the ground beneath some birches on one of my walks and the birch branch beneath comes from a large branch I dragged home with me, it lost this small piece along the way.

Our weekend was filled with Bonfire Night celebrations. My photos from them aren't worth seeing or keeping but the town of Lewes, not too far from us, has a wonderful Flickr group that gives a great view of the festivities like this fantastic bonfire image by, Anna Richardson. I've written about Bonfire Night in the past, a sort of celebration of the notorious, Guy Fawkes, who endeavoured to blow up Parliament.

Forager bag at the beach

We also had to stock up on new clothes for the children. Tris has grown six inches this year and his ankles have been showing beneath his trousers for way too long. After that job done, we stopped off at the beach and he snapped a few photos of another sample forager bag for me, all blurry, but a very good effort for a chilly afternoon at the beach. The pattern is done, just wanting some decent images of it, I may need to forego them.

Yummy roasting

And today we've woken to the windiest, wettest storm of the season. We nearly needed a boat to get to school and I put off my walk. It's sounding quieter out there now so I think Pippi and I will hit the road soon.

Butternut squash soup will be on the menu for tonight and I'll be using the roasted squash for this empanada recipe of Pat's soon too. Some more seasoned logs were just delivered so we'll have a nice fire in the wood burner tonight too, one of the best comforts of the season.

A happy week to you all, I hope you're finding lots of comfort in this season too.



I saw your roasted squash and thought, that's exactly what I need to do with the remaining squash from our CSA share. And then I read the link to the empanada recipe and that made me smile! My cousin in Hawaii won second place in a baking contest with the recipe. Let me know how yours turn out!

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