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Beautiful stitches and flying friends


High Texture Embroidery of the Moon, by Rachel, Average Jane Crafter
Grey Wolf, by K, Fog and Swell
Slow Felt, by Pat, zencrafting 
Bird brooch, by Geninne, Geninne's Art Blog
Stitched Tit, by Margie, Resurrection Fern 
Goldfinch WIP, gift for my MIL

The past two wet and windy weeks have been less than inspiring for photo taking but I've seen a lot of inspiring stitches in the little blog reading time that I've had. Above are a few of my favourite projects and this post was inspired by the first image, found on Rachel's site. If you haven't already read the many posts about this project that have spread round the web, do so now. The beauty in this moon piece is a perfect example of how the best art stems from passion. She LOVES everything space related and every stitch tells that story.


Update: This moonscape piece of Rachel's was entered in the Etsy, NASA craft contest. Though Rachel was originally told her embroidery didn't make it through the last round of voting, turns out errors were made and she has made it through. The voting is now open again. If you're an Etsy user and want to help Rachel along, vote for her here.


The second image is of K's Grey wolf, I adore her creatures, the materials and textures she uses.

Next, Pat's Slow felt stitches. The colours and the textures here are so inspiring too. Though I'm still using lots of linen for stitching, autumn is the perfect time to bring out the wool. Pat's gorgeous piece and its colours remind me of that.

Geninne's Bird brooch. These tiny stitches and the sweet little face just make me smile, like all the other art Geninne makes.

Margie's Blue Tit. I love the birds Margie has ben stitching on hankies; her sparrow is amazing! But I was reminded of her Blue Tit because lots of these little friends have active in our garden this week, wanting me to fill up the feeders, so I have. Not only that but I came home the day before yesterday to find one in our bedroom. Actually, I thought it was one but soon discovered it was a pair of them. Luckily I ushered them safely back outside, but they did leave reminders of themselves throughout our bedroom.

Lastly, that goldfinch pattern I've been testing (from the series of our garden birds) I'm happy with. This one will become a Christmas present for my MIL, lucky she doesn't read NM much :) I've been using a very loose rice stitch here because I'm running out of time for gift making and thought it would be quick, turns out it hasn't been all that quick. We have decided to head to California for Christmas this year, that means less time for festive preparations.

For some reason, this goldfinch stitchery has been making me feel like breaking out the oil paints. My mind does wander, it's no wonder why I will always have piles of WIPs, but I'm okay with that.


The wet, windy, wild weather we've had the last couple of weeks hasn't kept me indoors too many days. The leaves are gone but there's till amazing colour to be found. Many trees are wearing socks of moss helped on by lots of rain.

So much busyness around here at the moment which I'm sure is the same with most of you this time of year. Work being done on the house we live in, project deadlines, school shows to attend, and finishing patterns. It really will be done this week (I know I said that last week, this time I mean it... I think ;)

Hope you're enjoying Sunday and your week ahead has only good surprises in store. What have you been enjoying this weekend?


P.S. I just saw this beautiful bit of stitching on Margie's Flickr, made by Sonia - more inspiration.


mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

I love your goldfinch !!! And your "inspiration board" is very nice indeed.
Isn't nature the most inspiring thing of all ?

Have yourself a very cozy afternoon !
x x x


Gosh, such a lot of inspiration. We are fully in Christmas prep mode here - well I am, and I'm trying to stop the girls peaking too soon. At the moment it's taking the form of lots and lots of decluttering!


Beautiful stitches. Love the tree's mossy socks. :)


love the wolf

margie oomen

Edgar and I are cuddling ( of course he has a vintage hankie around his neck) and admiring all the gorgeous stitches and special little birdies and woodland creatures. I love the pair of tit's in the bedroom story. Okay If cats could laugh you can imagine what would happen.


a great collection of stitched pieces - thanks for including me. that goldfinch you are stitching is looking very nice, a great gift for your MIL.

also, Margie's comment made me snicker a little. ;p


I love the birds yes lots of inspiration for the creative I have two left thumbs...I can dream!


K, Margie's comment made me snicker a lot!


I love them all
tiny stitches - my favourite


Love your entire mosaic and your goldfinch is fantastic ! What a wonderful gift ! Love that wolf so much as well. He's probably in love with your Grandma wolf :)
Wish you good luck for your super busy next weeks ... Big Wednesday hugs !


Thank you so much for the update re Rachel's incredible moon embroidery. I just voted! This news has made me very, very happy.

And the piece by Pat at Zencrafting. OMG - amazing. I need to try to do a better jo0b of keeping up with that talented woman!

Will you please hurry up and finish the gold finch!!! I can tell already it is going to be absolutely wonderful.


thanks Joanie i received all my goodies !!! i will start tonight.
We got 15 cm of snow...so after my snowman, i will crochet, cosy at home !
thanks for sharing all beautiful embroidery !


Joanie, thanks for including me in this gorgeous treasury of handmade goodness. I'm in very good company. I am slowly making my way through my felted pieces and sewing on them a little at a time. Luckily the airport security allowed me to take my sewing with me (two crewel needles and a small pair of scissors), so I got hand sewing done on my Thanksgiving trip to Texas. :)

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