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Walking paths, new bag and giveaway too

A new favourite path

I have many images from the couple weeks I've been away, and many more stored up in my head. I've been doing a whole lot of walking, exploring paths and discovering new places to roam. The path above is reached by trekking from our house and over a few fields with countryside views. 

Multi-trunk tree

Tristan has always enjoyed long walks, now Gracie has grown to really love them too. Showing her this place I smiled inside as she stopped to point things out to me along the way, gnarly trunks, pretty lichen, an the shapes of fallen branches. 

This tree is still growing!

 I've also been exploring in a big country park up on the South Downs. The geology there fascinates me. One section I pass through is littered with white, flint nodules, I love their crazy shapes and sometimes I just have to pop them in my pocket; like this one.

White flint nodule

And imagine my joy when I took it out of my pocket and find a clam shell fossilsed on the other side. Click the image to see it larger.

Clam shell fossil

Finally, I've been writing up a pattern for a bag I've been meaning to get around to for a long time (it's nearly ready Becki!). I've been using my first sample continually since I finished it. I wanted a bag, that I could toss all my foraged finds into that also has a zippered pocket for keys, a phone & things. I also wanted it to be breathable, so damp things like seashells don't make it musty that's why I gave it a hessian base. 


Gracie took this image; see her in the shadow. We're collecting bundles of sticks for winter fires but there's also a large water bottle in the bottom (making it saggy :) I've been ultra-simplifying the pattern so that anyone can make this. I've also been refining the shape a bit, the flap fits better than the one in this first sample. It's very nearly ready so I'll give more details about it soon.

And the giveaway


BookletThe new bag has also been useful at the Wednesday boot fair I've visited recently. I've had fairly good luck there finding vintage sewing and crochet supplies - some of the bounty is included here for the promised giveaway.

The prize includes:

  • Two rolls of unused, vintage Coat's crochet cotton
  • 12 vintage, bean shaped green glass beads, (probably Czechoslovakian)
  • Two crochet hooks, one metal 2mm and a bamboo 4mm
  • One large flower shaped wooden button
  • A bag of new, small glass beads (similar size to those used on the futuregirl bracelet here)
  • One large mother of pearl button
  • A vintage needlework magazine 

I will ship anywhere and the prize drawing will be on Monday, November 1st. I'll have another, non-supplies related giveaway coming up soon too.

UPDATE: Forgot to say, just leave a comment on this post, thanks.

Flickr will have more images I've taken while away. The rain just started pouring down and we have a wood fire ready to snuggle up to. Enjoy your weekend!


margie oomen

i love all the photos of your new paths of discovery
The foraging satchel is fantastic.
Very kind of you to host such a fun giveaway.
Stay warm


Those trees look magical. It must be fun wandering around your part of the country. Especially when finding such shapely treasures.
I love the flower shaped button - what a great giveaway.
Cheers Andrea


Lovely photos, Joanie... you've find a great path to explore too! Good to hear you're enjoying long walks... I like them too! I like your giveaway as well... :)))
We got snow last night... it's very wet though but the kids have been playing outside a lot today. I think it'll be gone soon though... we'll see. Have a lovely evening :)! -mervi

Cindy G.

That tree with the "shelter" at the base is magnificent, and I am jealous of the awesome fossil find!

As for the giveaway, those beads and that button are destined for togetherness ;) I can imagine a very cool necklace made with them!

Jean in Chico

I love the photos, and this NorCal girl wants to go walking on the South Downs too. At least it finally started raining here. :)

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

you have such awesome forest & natural corners in your neighborhood, it is soooo green ! The bag you made sounds/looks like something I would make & use when we're out exploring.
That multi-trunk tree is amazing wow !!!
thank you for this fun giveaway ! you remind me to host one soo !
enjoy your cozy rainy weekend oxoxox lots of hugs


What a lovely fall image!


Thank you for sharing your woodland walks and adventures. (If I didn't need to fall more in love with the English countryside, these photos would do it.)

I love the bag--way to return with a bang!


Gorgeous photos! Can't wait for the bag pattern. And thanks so much for the giveaway - what great, crafty prizes.


I love the idea of creating something new using vintage supplies and tools - what a great giveaway!


looking forward to your bag pattern - it looks perfect for my foraging expeditions too!

Lisa Kartanou

What lovely photos and the bag is sooooo gorgeous. I love vintage things and always look out for them. Please enter me for your fabulous giveaway!


just found you! I wish I had an interesting mid-week boot sale to visit around these parts. Vintage is good - as a giveaway - even better! Thank you.


Well! Please put my name in the hat!

Your new favorite path looks to be almost magical. Wish I could join you for a walk through those magnificent old trees. Loved Gracie peaking out - I bet over the years that will become one of her favorites.

Snuggling up next to a fire on a rainy day - THAT sound perfect.


What a beauty (the bag and the kid)! Always a delight to read what you have been up to. Love those treasures too.


This is my first visit and I am so glad I found this space. Lovely pictures. And a double treasure -- cool rock and a fossil all in one package. Great giveaway too!

Anne Marie

Great photos - love your vintage giveaway. Hope I am lucky!!


Your bag reminds me that I need to finish something where I used Gracies cat and dog, time flies certainly if you read lovely blogs like yours....

judy more

oh my your site is beutiful,I saw so much wonderful pics abd some fin ideas,I have not even looked for the e-book which i was looking for when i came here thanks so much for sharing all


Great little giveaway! I just found your blog through a Google search. Will be back to read more. Love the bag, so cute!


I can hardly wait to see your finished bag pattern. The early sample looks wonderful. Love the pictures of your walks. Your giveaway looks fun, too.


Your travels look so serene, and your satchel looks interesting, look forward to the finished product. I have just dragged out my hoop again in the attempt to stitch something in the wee hours. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway. I have lurked here for a little while and thought this was high time to say hi. Love those forest green beads...


Wow that multi tree trunk is amazing! I love bright autumn days.


beautiful pictures and the tree will be a perfect house.thank you for sharing your discovery.
i love your bag. thank for the giveaway.

Jessica Leigh

What a great find! I love picking up interesting stones, rocks, sticks, etc., and I would love to find a fossil! I LOVE the trees so much! Thanks for the giveaway!
jessicaleigh.1980 at gmail dot com

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