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Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, and happy birthday to my sis and daddy too.

Time for a time out. Life is running away from me again so it's time to take a little break from these pages and Flickr too. There are unfinished projects, deadlines, correspondences untended and far too many corners of our house looking a lot like the image above. I'll be finding my desk again, the floor of my daughter's room, enjoying the colours of the season and more importantly two little people who are becoming big people at what seems to be lightening speed. 

If you're wondering about my de-stashing, it still hasn't happened but I hope it will soon. I've found it hard to photograph linens, the skies turned grey each time I attempt to and if the sun peeps through I just see wrinkles that I thought I'd ironed out. It will happen though because we still need the space.

I hope you all find time to enjoy the season yourselves, what ever autumn brings in your neck of the woods. When I return I'll be bearing gifts for a giveaway and hopefully new things to share, bye for now.



Sonia {Cozy Memories}

I'll miss you, Joanie
make the most of your break
and come back to us as happy as can be
with lots to show & tell !
take care, keeping you in my thoughts


hoping your little break is very productive... i need to clean my house, too :)


Have a wonderful break. We'll be here waiting when you come back!


enjoy your little break.

and a late happy birthday

I will be over soon


Have a lovely break. I loved your fabric dyeing experiments - so pretty....


I'll miss you too, sweet Nini, but even not online, you'll be on my mind. Hope you'll have a nice break, with less stress and more family time. You're right, time runs so quickly with our little loved ones. Enjoy each hour and we'll wait for you as long as you need ...
Lot lot of love to you, Nini, and happy fally Sunday !


Awesome shot!
Happy late birthday!
Have a nice, relaxing, productive and love filled break!

Nicole FollowtheWhitebunny

Enjoy your break! Hope to 'see' you again soon though. x


happy break but don't stay away for too long now! gosh, those cobwebs made me laugh = i have those corners too sadly and am really trying to get to them but its spring here and i seem to be out in the garden more and more so the cobwebs just keep on getting bigger. oh well! xxx


I of course am just finding out you took a break! I am so far behind reading posts it is a huge embarrassment.

But i just HAD to pop in and tell you that i absolutely love the image of the spiderwebs. It is now my desktop background! I have to be able to savor it just a while longer.

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