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Parliament of cards

Just dropping back in for a quick post on Gracie's party invites. She's having a small gathering this year for a sleepover... wish me luck. They have to do it at least once right!? I know, not more owls, but because it's a sleepover we decided night owls would be just the ticket. Gracie and I had such a good time making these together she wanted to share them.

The cards are just half an A4 card (A5) and folded once. A4 is nearly the same as letter size.

It ended up being very good practice using different brushes to vary paint effects. We used three brushes, one flat brush a round brush and a tiny round brush for details like the point of the nose. Making more than one owl gave Gracie a chance to practice the brush techniques. 

Painting base colours 

I've uploaded a very simple sketched template if anyone wants to use it. Simply draw the owl on the fold and cut it out. Sketch in the circles with pencil as a guide for the paint. We used acrylic because they blend easily and dry well. To make the paint more opaque on the darker papers paint a base colour first mixed with some titanium white.

Painting details

To paint the feathery details we dipped the flat brush in whites and browns without blending them and painted from the eye outward. We used the unblended paint the same way on the body feathers.

Easy and effective and quick to do too. 

I'll soon be back to check out what I've been missing with friends around blogland and share a sewing project I've been working on for quite a while, it incorporates some new, simple embroidery patterns.

Oak leaf on a linen/cotton blend

I'm very excited about this one. The project started as many do, making something I needed then deciding other people might just need or want one too.

Seashell on denim

And BTW, I'm still looking for the floor of Gracie's room, but to be fair, I haven't bothered to look very hard yet. We've been enjoying many sunny autumn days and new projects far too much to bother with indoor challenges. Besides, I've always found just closing her door very effective anyway ;)

Back soon. 


P.S. The template (sans the feet) would also work well for owl softies and acrylic or fabric paint would work just as well painting on fabric instead of paper.


margie oomen

love the theme and cards for the party
i am quite a night owl myself:)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Yup, owls are perfect. Good luck with the party!


Those owls are just fab! Hope the sleepover goes well :)


Ooh! Love the owls, and your stitcheries are so neat and beautifully simple!


Can't wait to see your new project when you're back. And I use the same closed door trick on my daughter's room. My friend says a messy room is a sign of a creative mind, and I can definitely say the creative part is true for Gracie--I love her owls!


Well done Gracie! Well done Joanie! What do you mean not another owl? Are there too many owls?? Where?

Plain and Joyful Living

Oh, the owl cards are great!

lucy locket

What wonderful owls! I want to make some of them with the children right now! Lucy x


love the owls


Very cool - love the handpainted owls!

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