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Because it's warm and sunny

Tip toe

What do you do when you have three deadlines, a husband with a client on the phone and children who have homework? Go to the beach, because it's sunny and warm and it is Sunday.

Sand flare

It wasn't long after arriving that a bit of sand got lodged behind my lens :( See it up there on the right ruining my nice gentle flare? I hope I can disassemble it and clean it myself. Lucky it's just my pocket camera - of course if I didn't toss it in my pocket there'd probably not be sand behind the lens.

Sandy lens

Soaking up the warm sun on a breeze-less day while the kids were wading and the puppy happily cavorting... a real treat. I even stole a minute to make a quick shell necklace for little G.

Sunset & silouhette

Then back home for a quick dinner, a return to the homework, baths and early bed. But the evening sun streaming through this window stops me in my tracks every time.

Tomorrow it's back to a busy week ahead so I won't be around much. And I just found out my dad is having heart surgery on Thursday, the type of news that brings life back into perspective and makes me happy to have spent the afternoon with my little family on the beach, ignoring deadlines for just one more day.

Have a lovely week. I hope you give yourself the time to soak up a little sun and if you're lucky enough to be able to, give your dad an extra big hug.





all the best for your dad with the heart surgery on Thursday.


I am sending your Dad love and healing light and will keep a candle burning on Thursday.

I am sorry he must have surgery but then on the other hand it is so amazing how much medicine can do these days to make these things better.

Your day at the beach looks so lovely, I wish I could have joined you.

And that photograph you took of the late afternoon sun coming through your lovely window - stunning. You have an eye for a perfect image.


Hello dear friend... it's been too long since I've visited. I hope you are well. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Your day at the beach looks absolutely wonderful. Sunshine and warm breezes are always welcomed along with that perfect late day sunlight.

Wishing your Dad all the best this Thursday and a speedy recovery.


Cozy Memories

a thought provoking post, Joanie. Sorry your father needs surgery this week. I send him my most positive vibes, both for the surgery itself & for the recovery.
you were so right to ignore the deadline & to go to the beach instead & seize the day. I'm quite a pro for ignoring the deadlines, ahaha !!
wishing you a good day, I know it's a busy week for you, so you're always in my thoughts. oxoxo big big hugs my friend


Hi there, I love your inspiring posts and lovely photos!Your blog is such a treat.
Wishing your Dad better soon, take care x x x Jane


Sending best wishes for your dad, and for you.
Days at the beach are a very necessary part of storing up energy and happiness for the weeks and months ahead!


Sorry to hear about your Dad, Nini. I send you a special hug and many many recovering thoughts.
I'm glad you enjoyed your sunny Sunday at the beach and I love your crochet photo in front of the sea ... a treat, particulary when there are deadlines !
Love from Nanou

lucy locket

I'll be thinking of you and your Dad today - hope everything goes well. Lucy xxx

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