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What seems like yesterday but was actually many, many months ago I promised a revisit to friend Fi's house. I've been helping her with a website and she's been painting like a mad woman so now seems a good time.

While in Kent last week I was able to see a whole slew of new paintings and I was lucky enough to receive one of my own. Most of Fi's art is inspired by the sea. The painting is based on an image of Tristan and Grace when they were seven and four. I can't tell you how much we love it.

Try as I may, just couldn't get a photo that does it justice.

Fi's family home is full of photo opportunities, no staging ever needed or wanted. In fact, if I was a photo-stylist I would want to raid their place for objects of beauty.


Just pretty.


More prettiness. 

Visit her site and enjoy a look at her paintings. On my next visit I want to get inside her studio and hubby Tom's. 

Tom is amazing too. A heraldic artist with a special eye for nature painting. He ties the two together so well. The image below is painted with 24 carat gold and real lapis, this one was sweetly painted for Fi.

Remaining on the seaside theme. Sonia is offering up a very pretty pin-cushion as a giveaway. Click over to Cozy Homemaking before next Friday to be included in the drawing.

Photo by Sonia, Cozy Homemaking

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. Ours is having a real autumnal feel to it but I can't help wanting to cling on to summer. 




lucy locket

What a gorgeous house and beautiful paintings! I'm off to visit her now! Lucy x


hello Joanie :) oh what a treat this gorgeous painting by Fi is for you, and with a special meaning too ! Oh my that initial in gold & lapis is a real gem too !!
Thank you dearly for linking to my current giveaway, this is very sweet of you !
today was kind of grey (yay !) but next week is supposed to be sunny & hot, I'll do my best to fan hot air your way :D xoxox

Amy {giftofgreen}

Same here. Rainy weather and football on the television. Lovely paintings - thanks for sharing.


oh, what beautiful things and what a talented woman! makes me just ache to go to the seaside!


I love her work...makes me miss Whistable

guess we could meet there , when I ""m over in October


What a lovely house and wonderful paintings!

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