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Crochet necklace, this one's for me 

Another busy few days in what we thought would be a lazy-dazy summer. We had a fun visit with a lovely friend, and her family, an early birthday celebration for Tris that lasted a couple of days and today, finally an attempt at cleaning house (but here I am instead.) 

I've been enjoying playing with bits and pieces to add to crochet necklaces; experimenting with different ways to add beads and different stitches to strengthen the chain for heavier beads. And when my sweet mama was visiting she bought me one of these fancy tools to grind down sharp edges of found objects I'm crocheting around. Am I the only one whose mother would prefer to browse hardware stores with me than shoe shops? 

Comma on a buddleja (butterfly bush) in full bloom attracting visitors

Also, the buddleja bush is in full bloom and hundreds of butterflies are flocking to it. There are peacocks, red admirals, commas, painted ladies, common blues and brimstones. And probably many more that I don't recognise. Loads of honey bees are also attracted to it and we're seeing many more bees this year than last. If you have a garden and are without a buddleja, plant one, the butterflies are so entertaining. I've read they're easy to grow from cuttings, so there you go, free entertainment.

Lace anniversary

Yesterday was also our 13th anniversary. Apparently it's lace this year, a card and bookmark, but not much of a photograph - neither are as wonky as they look here. I can't say it's been the easiest year for hubby and I, maybe it's the curse of number thirteen. I'm sure 14 will be much luckier.

I'm just adding a clasp to the necklace above, back soon with to model it around me neck.

Happy Monday!


Amy {giftofgreen}

Our butterfly bush blooms are just coming to an end but there are still lots of butterflies to be seen.

Happy Anniversary - yes, there are ups and downs. Here's to more ups in your 14th year.


Happy anniversary! That's a lovely necklace - and funnily enough I was playing with crochet neklaces just yesterday!


Happy Anniversary for yesterday (it was also mine and my husband's wedding anniversary, no. 12 for us).

We have lavender for the bees (which are so entertaining to at this time of year, dancing over the bush), but no room for buddlhia, will remember that for my next garden.


I LOVE that necklace! What a bril idea!
Keep smiling.... xxx

Denise Leavens

Happy Anniversary! Ups and downs is what marriage is made of...life is made of. My husband and I were angry with each other the day before our 30th anniversary. We decided not to celebrate, it was just not appropriate. We knew we loved each other, we just weren't in a celebratory frame of mind. This year was our 32nd anniversary and we had a lovely time just the two of us at the beach. May this coming year be a lovely year for the two of you.

margie oomen

happy anniversary to you both,
lacey 13 is very lucky indeed
You necklace is so fantastic
you will be putting me out of business:)

lucy locket

Happy Anniversary! How fabulous to have so many butterflies in your garden. I'm sure we don't have as many up here in the North East as we used to in Hampshire - I'd always thought it was just because there weren't so many around these days - or maybe it's simply because I'm in a more urban area now. Not sure - but I'm still jealous!!! ;o) Lucy xxx


Nini, your necklace is gorgeous !!! Congratulations !
But I'm sad to hear about your 13th year of wedding. You so deserve love and happiness every day ! Hopefully, you enter in your 14th year and I'm sure it will be luckier.
Send you tons of kisses from Arcachon (now, we're going to play cards,"Uno").

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