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Twig flower pots for giving, or keeping: a tutorial

Twig flower pot

I like to give plants to friends or family instead of cut flowers. Plastic pots aren't pretty so I usually wrap them in something like hessian (burlap) and tie them with nice string. I recently tried repurposing laundry detergent containers and dressed them up with twigs - I liked the results. 

They're very easy to make, here's how:

Supplies: Small saw (optional), hessian, a straight sided container, twigs or small branches that are fairly straight, jute twine, glue gun or string


Gather a pile of twigs and cut them down to roughly the same length; you'll want them a little taller than your container. You could forgo the saw and break them if you like.


Take a long piece of twine (about a metre and a half) and at the middle of your piece of twine begin tying the sticks together. Tie near one end of the twigs, single knots should be fine.

Continue tying your remaining twigs until you have long row of them, then gently wrap them around your container to check the length; the twigs should meet but not overlap. In the image above you can see there's no need to remove smaller twigs, I left a few on. 


After checking the length, tie the twigs again at the other end.


Cover a straight sided container with a strip of hessian (burlap). I folded under the bottom edge and tucked in the top edge. I secured it with a glue gun but you could stitch it or tie it on with string. No need to be perfect, it's getting covered anyway. I just pop the plastic pot inside this one but if you plant your flower in this container be sure to poke drain holes in the bottom. 


Now just wrap the twigs around and tie it on.

Told you it was easy!

These are also great to use as vases, if they're too light pop a couple of large stones inside to help weigh them down. When I bring flowers to school to decorate the entrance these are perfect because I can just leave them behind.

This is also a nice project for children who are old enough to tie a simple knot - you may want to help out with the saw though ;) 

Note: The sculpture in the top image is by Dutch artist Toos Bressers, previously seen here.


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovey idea Joanie - you are always doing something clever! Lucy x


Such a pretty idea - and I have lots of twigs and lots of hessian. And I'd probably add a little felty gift tag just for good measure!


Thanks for this Joanie. I want to make one!


i love this look !


it really looks awesome, my friend !
thank you so much for taking time to create the tutorial ! I'm bookmarking for this summer :) oxoxoxo


What a brilliant idea and recycling too!

margie oomen

it looks wonderful and so much better than a plain flower pot
I guess one could made little twig fences this way as well if one had a great number of twigs.
Yay Holland!!!!


So beautiful and eco friendly! I love this idea!!


Love your pot ... and your saw !!! You're a genius, Nini, a very good-tasted genius ! Thanks for taking time to share. Have a lovely day !

Alli (One Pearl Button)

How sweet!! What a perfect gift.


Such a simple idea, but I love it! With all the storms we've had, there are plenty of twigs to be found, this will be a great project. :)


That is so lovely! What a pretty idea for summer. Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.


Super cute. It makes those flowers look even more fresh and pretty. Saw you over at One Pretty Thing. Thanks for sharing! :)


Beautiful! I love this idea.

casey calhoun

ONe of my favorite flower pots by far. It's so fun. I featured you in on my blog. Thanks for sharing.


ARGH! I just last week finally tossed out a whole bunch of twigs that I had been saving. they would have been perfect for making vases! I knew i was going to regret my decision!

I just love how these look! Very Joanie!


This is so beautiful!


Adorable!! I love it : )


So clever. We have lots of trees and as a result twigs in our garden. Such a great idea!


we did this over a jar to make a twig vase in april - it was so fun! check it out:


This is so cool! I am totally going to try this! Thankyou!

flower delivery philippine

Its absolutely a fabulous idea its natural looking yet so pretty. I will trying doing this from now on. :)


Petit Filoux

I love this - found you through Linaloo - such a brilliant idea, I'm definitely going to try it!

silk flower arrangements ideas

Fantastic idea, so creative. The twig pot looks really nice. I'll definitely want to make one, that's for sure, thanks to your tutorial.


I've put together a round up of pretty plant ideas on Craft Gossip today and included your project. :) You can see it here

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