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An owl loving winner

Growing puppy 

I'll be busy with a full end of term school schedule and family visitors from way across the pond so goodbye for a while. I leave you with a few images from our past week. 

Thanks for all of the very sweet comments about NM on the last couple of posts, I enjoy and appreciate each and every one.

I used an automatic number generator to pick a winner for the owl-themed birthday giveaway. The winner is MandaPanda in Australia. Manda is a serious owl lover and seems to be a lover of four legged animals too; she fosters dogs in need of homes. Check out the gorgeous puppy she's currently fostering!

Cycling with Tristan

Lovely view towards Sussex 

Hedgerows looking lush

Foxgloves grow wild this time of year

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend full of fun! If you find you're not having a weekend full of fun stand up and do a silly dance - promise that'll fix it :)

Twig flower pots for giving, or keeping: a tutorial

Twig flower pot

I like to give plants to friends or family instead of cut flowers. Plastic pots aren't pretty so I usually wrap them in something like hessian (burlap) and tie them with nice string. I recently tried repurposing laundry detergent containers and dressed them up with twigs - I liked the results. 

They're very easy to make, here's how:

Supplies: Small saw (optional), hessian, a straight sided container, twigs or small branches that are fairly straight, jute twine, glue gun or string


Gather a pile of twigs and cut them down to roughly the same length; you'll want them a little taller than your container. You could forgo the saw and break them if you like.


Take a long piece of twine (about a metre and a half) and at the middle of your piece of twine begin tying the sticks together. Tie near one end of the twigs, single knots should be fine.

Continue tying your remaining twigs until you have long row of them, then gently wrap them around your container to check the length; the twigs should meet but not overlap. In the image above you can see there's no need to remove smaller twigs, I left a few on. 


After checking the length, tie the twigs again at the other end.


Cover a straight sided container with a strip of hessian (burlap). I folded under the bottom edge and tucked in the top edge. I secured it with a glue gun but you could stitch it or tie it on with string. No need to be perfect, it's getting covered anyway. I just pop the plastic pot inside this one but if you plant your flower in this container be sure to poke drain holes in the bottom. 


Now just wrap the twigs around and tie it on.

Told you it was easy!

These are also great to use as vases, if they're too light pop a couple of large stones inside to help weigh them down. When I bring flowers to school to decorate the entrance these are perfect because I can just leave them behind.

This is also a nice project for children who are old enough to tie a simple knot - you may want to help out with the saw though ;) 

Note: The sculpture in the top image is by Dutch artist Toos Bressers, previously seen here.


Don't forget to enter the NM blog birthday giveaway, ends June 18.



Themed birthday giveaway & download - twit twooooo

Prize Part One: Two Owl Egg Cozies 

Finally getting around to posting this little birthday blog contest, and May has already come and gone. Clearly, still on the owl theme around here.

There will be one winner and the winner will receive all of the prizes listed in this post: Two owl egg cozies, two owl egg cups and a textile bundle. The contest is open to everyone, I'll post worldwide. The contest ends on Friday, June 18th. 

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post (be sure you have an email address, not just a Typepad profile so that I can contact you.)

These two owl egg cozies are made from felted wool and they're perched on a root I dug up while working in the garden. Several pieces fell off the root after drying out but the owls still like it. Clearing beds of roots, weeds and flint the size of footballs has kept me very busy during every spare hour - I've even made a fence to keep bunnies out of our tiny vegetable garden. 

Posts are backed up and visits to blog friends overdue, but the third birthday of NM reminds me once again of all the wonderful people I've "met" through this space. Thanks to all who visit and an even bigger thanks to those who have taken time to interact.

Prize Part Two: Owl Egg Cups, Cornish Pottery

I picked up these egg cups while in Cornwall at Easter. Very handsome little guys don't you think?

Prize Part Three: Textile Bundle 

Nice soft felted wool from a jumper, the large front and back piece. Also a piece of Liberty floral, two large, vintage buttons (3cm diam), a small square of brown felted wool and a piece of pale green vintage braid.

I put this bundle together with a large owl softie in mind - can't you see owl eyes in those buttons? They could of course be used in so many other ways too.

Owl Box Template: Free Download 

And here's a special birthday download for everyone. I thought the stout shape of an owl lent itself well to a box design. I've been mulling it over for a while, and now here it is. 

Owl-Box-thmbnl This template can be printed onto card stock at 100% for a small box or enlarge the template, cut it out and trace around it onto large card for a bigger version. There is a plain design or patterned, might be nice for party favours. And children might like dressing up the plain design.

Click this image of the template to download.

Have a warm and wonderful weekend, a new tutorial is on the way next.

J x