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Running the breakwater

Cornwall was smashing! We had amazing weather (mostly), visited inspiring places and spent a wonderful time with friends. 

Viewing the ruins of Tintagel  

Tintagel, legendary birth place of King Arthur, is set on a stunning strip of coast.


Descending cliffs to Merlin's caves 

A very steep hill down to the caves, not the best route, but we went anyway. 

Visiting Eden

The Eden Project, a must when visiting Cornwall. A dream realized by its founder, Tim Smit, Eden is a huge eco project built in the pit of an old china clay quarry, a once barren landscape.

I forgot to photograph one of my favourite exhibits, "The Seed" by artist, Peter Randall-Page, but his website has it and the story behind his process.

Time out
An exhibit about seed dispersal involved donning velcro suits. I'd like one of these at home, if my children drive me mad I could stick them to the wall (then they'd also become art.)

Stone skippers

This tiny cove hosted four young stone skippers who perfected their skill and two bigger skippers who battled it out for the most skips. Not only did we find perfect skipping stones here but also more than a few pieces of pretty sea glass.

Megavissey Harbour

One of many pretty Cornish fishing villages. We sat at the harbour with the sun on our faces and ate fish & chips, nothing could be nicer - except a pint of Betty Stogs to wash it down.

Castles of sand  

Okay enough of other people's holiday photos, yawn, yawn, snooze, snooze. But I've enjoyed revisiting our wonderful week away.

The children will remember:

perfect skipping stones, cliff top walks, sea caves, blowing perfect bubbles, real waves, amazing geology, brilliant chips, cornish ice cream and very good times with very good friends

Their parent's will remember the same and Betty Stogs too of course :)

Be back soon with a new tutorial that's a real hoooooooot, and a look at a stitched up mushroom village.

PS - Forgot to mention that this little old blog has been nominated for a Dorset Cereals blog award. I'm not very good at spreading news about these things, but if you're in the clicking mood, click the button up there on the right and vote Nini. It's only for the month and as April is nearly over and I've only just been nominated I don't see that big juicy cereal prize package coming this way. But it really is sincerely fun to have been nominated :)




Lovely vacation!
Tintagel looks fascinating and beautiful!
I LOVE any coast or beach!

Congratulations on being nominated!


the coast looks amazing ! the Eden project photo reminds me of Teletubby land :)


Sounds like a wonderful time, the Eden project is somewhere I would love to visit.


love it, that"s where we go this summer..
did you rent a cottage?


What fun! Your pictures bring back fond memories of vacationing in Cornwall when we lived in England. :)

Denise Leavens

I was surprised at how I got chills when I came across the Tintagel and Merlin's Caves photos - I've never been there, but it looks exactly as I imagined it when I was about 8 or 9 years old and read Susan Cooper's "Over Sea, Under Stone." Have you or the kids read "The Dark Is Rising" series by Cooper? Very, very good. Thank you for sharing your holiday pics, it was the next best thing to being there!

margie oomen

fantastic holiday pics
they really capture the fun and excitement
i think i might be a little envious of the stones though:)


What a great change of scenery with grandiose sea landscapes, refreshing air, seaside treasures to gather and lot of fun ! Thanks for sharing all these fantastic pics with us ! Wish you have a nice Sunday ... as sunny as these photos !


Oh I love, love, love Cornwall, this post brought back memories of our holiday there last year.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fabulous holiday! I'd love to go to Cornwall with the family but it would just be such a long drive down so it always puts us off. Now I'm tempted again! Lucy x


oh this looks fabulous! my husband and i have long been fans of the velcro suits for children idea... not only could we hang them on the wall when we needed to, but sticking their bums to their seats at dinner would also stop a number of troubles!

so glad i stopped around today. i always love seeing vacation photos; makes me feel almost like i am traveling myself and gives me lots of places to put on my wishlist.

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Love your vacation photos! We are American, but my husband's family (long ago) is from that exact area of Cornwall, and I've been thinking that it would make a lovely first European vacation for our boys. We'll see.


This is what we love you for, Joanie--transporting us to these places that we've only dreamed about! I think I have yet another place to add to my growing list of must-see destinations. Thank you for the lovely photos and descriptions!

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