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Sweet Sonia passed on the Happy 101 Blogger Award to me. I've been working obsene hours on a big project but what could be more important than taking time to think about all these happy things?! Nothing :)

The rules of the award are: list 10 things that make you happy and then pass along the award to 10 wonderful bloggers. I can easily overflow pages with what makes me happy and lots of happy bloggers, but here are lists of just 10: Not in order of significance, if they were, T & G would take up all 10 spots!

Vintage buttons

1. I can't tell you the joy I feel when I come across a collection of vintage beauties and even better, a tin packed to the brim that someone's grannie no longer has a use for. Then I have the happy further joy of using them and giving them a new life outside of the old musty tin.

2. A perfectly brewed cup of tea in the morning and again in the afternoon. 

3. The tinge of pink on the horizon before the sun comes up.

4. Walking along the seashore collecting treasure. When I was younger we spent most of the summer by the beach. I used to get up early, grab a bucket and head out to a rocky cove before the tide came up - bliss.

5. Hearing uncontrollable giggles coming from children when they are having fun.

6. Making things with Tristan and Gracie. Anything - cookies, drawings, songs, treasure hunts...


7. Old books. I could do spend hours in old book shops. Even though the must and mold in these places give me a runny nose. I think this love began very early. It's not only the books I like but the history they've had - where were they from and who owned them. My great grandfather, though I never met him, had a huge collection that I used to love to go through. My favourite thing was finding old notes tucked inside. He was a physician, and people often paid him with books, I love the thought of that.

This "101 Things..." book was found at a used book shop, I loved it before I even opened it. I recently saw that it's just been republished. It was gifted to "Janet" in 1940, so Janet probably already knew way more than 101 things to do in war time after already living through the first big war. Sadly, she couldn't have known then that the second one would go on so long.


8. Completing a time consuming project; happy, happy, happy.

9. Popcorn popping in a pan.

10. Seeing the first shoots from spring bulbs coming up.

If time allowed, I'd break the rules and keep on listing... but instead here are the people I pass the award on to. I share the love of people on Sonia's list too, but these are 10 more. 

Mathyld, Encore Petite

11. Reading the words and seeing the images by all of those above makes me happy too. There, I've done it, I've broken the rules.


P.S. back very, very soon with news.



sounds wonderful
let"'s have tea &talk vintage

Mathyld / encore petite

Awww ! I was enjoying your list (so many little joys in common !)
... and then I saw my name !
Thank you so much for n°11 :) You made my day !
x x x


awww thanks a lot for playing along :) that's so sweet of you, I know the big project's keeping you much busy right now

I share a lot of your 10 things here, and really, wasn't it awfully hard to keep it to 10 things only ... I could have written 100 of them, at least.

I hope you're having a lovely day, my friend. It's raining, raining, & raining some more today. oxoxo


yes, yes! such happy things. i, too, have a thing for old books and especially the loved ones with notes and swirly handwriting. school books with my grandmothers maiden name, or somebody else's grandmother.

Alli (One Pearl Button)

What lovely happy things! Thanks so much for the award - reading your blog always makes me happy, too!


Oh, such a lovely list. I have a post to post today so I shall try to think of 10 things of my own - thank you!


I just finished your You're so tweet! embroidery. It turned out very sweet. Thank you for the pattern!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Thank you so much for listing in No.11! I love your blog too and it always makes me happy and inspires me to be crafty!

Lucy xx :o)


How wonderful is this?! Your list makes me smile and nod my head as I read each one! So fun!

Now... I better come up with a list too. :)

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