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More happy things & WIPs


Sea-glass crochet necklace from Margie, exactly what I would have chosen for myself, thank-you friend. And thank-you sweet Mathyld for the Owlette post. Click the image to see it a little closer. I wish photographs could show you how fine the stitches are.

We're winding down a week off school with a surprise visit from friends today so this will be a word-thin post. The images will portray how happy friends near and far have been making me. Poor postman, I've nearly kissed him several times this past week - I didn't for fear of putting him off. 


And, a surprise from Nanou! This was a very big surprise and I will have to expand on just how wonderful this package is at a later date. Let's just say she's given me the tools to become a flower maker too. How wonderful and generous to pass on favourite crafts.


And these are new earrings from moss and vine. I've not been spending much lately but these were on the Haiti By Hand site and I loved the delicate nature of them. I found this charity Etsy site through Pat whose fabulous felted stone donation was snapped right up, but these spoke to me. I don't wear earrings all the time but these feel special. I'm glad to have found this pretty Etsy shop


With the children home space is at a premium on my table which gets shared. We've had a little sun lately and it streamed in yesterday as I was making another crochet necklace gift, this time with button box treasures. There's also a cut apart jumper there that has been waiting to be re-assembled into a scarf for me. And at the top, a Black Apple sketch book that Gracie and I share. 


And lastly, sunshine this morning. These little hexies are now multiplying to become a special gift. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

J x

P.S. Don't forget the grand opening contest begins on Monday but you can still enter until Friday night.


A favourite cake and another prize


Clementine Cake

I've tried to take photo of this cake many times, but never managed, we just eat it too quickly. It's from Nigella's How To Eat book and it comes out perfect every time. After a quick search I've found she has this recipe on her website here. Mine comes out darker, I'm wondering if it's because I bake with unrefined sugar which is darker, speaking of which, this recipe is not for the fainthearted in the calorie department. More often than not I tweak a recipe here and there for personal taste, but not this one - it's perfect, and so moist!

You know I'm a tea drinker, this cake is perfect with a cup in the afternoon - although I have been known to sneak a slice or two with my morning tea for breakfast instead.


Prize Six

I don't know how, but I accidentally omitted this prize from my list in the previous post. I thought I'd put together five, but just went back to my file and realized I forgot to include this one, so it's six. This is a white linen tea towel, pre-washed and ready for embroidery. It's the same towel I used for this Christmas stitch-up. Prize six also comes with a set of fabric for a tea cozy. Cath Kidston spot fabric and co-ordinating floral fabric, cut into a tea cozy shape all ready to embellish before sewing it up. Of course, there's no need to embellish it if you don't want to, and in fact there's no need to use the fabric for the tea cozy, use it for something else if you fancy.

If you haven't entered the (six day) celebration contest, go to the previous post to enter. With six prizes to give away your chances are good :)

Hmmm... six seems a strange number, seven seems better, I'll have to think on that one. 

Happy Tuesday!


A new classroom

Finished! The first Stitch Village Collection

Guess I missed my personal deadline for early November on this project, but for me the wait was worth it because I learned so much along the way, like this project would have been way easier if I'd married a programmer:) It's not only been an education for me, but also another way of teaching, replacing the art teacher job that I had to leave when we moved. It's a new classroom, sort of.

This 24 page ebook is a collection of five projects with patterns. There are how-to photos, diagrams, instructions, supplier info, lots of handy links and a must-have favourite recipe to go with the recipe binder project. 

The Gracie Doll is one of the patterns and even includes the method I use for making doll hair that can be styled. Because my real-life Gracie, though she's a football-loving, rock-climbing, jeans-only kind of girl, really loves dolls with hair that she can style (without the hair falling out!)

There's more information and some small sample images of pages from the booklet on the new blog and in the shop here.

The Cheeky Cherub pattern will be given away as a free gift for those who purchase the collection or it can be purchased in the shop on it's own.

Check back to the new blog for updates and information about future issues.

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UPDATE: Winner number one, chosen by the random number generator at RANDOM.ORG is Maryvonne from the Netherlands. Maryvonne will receive prize number one, the Stitch Village Pattern Collection and the additional Cheeky Cherub pattern.

The second winner is sweet Cheryl from Utah. Cheryl wins prize number two, the felted wool heart and bird shapes, vintage buttons and floss.

The third winner is number 15, that's Katharine from Derby here in the UK. She wins the embroidery floral package. 

The fourth winner is number 21, Monique from Holland. Monique wins the button covered sketchbook and pencils.

The fifth winner for the "Gnomebody's Home" prize is number 45, Christina from Australia.

The sixth winner is number 32, Nic from Yorkshire, here in the UK. Nic wins the linen tea towel, Cath Kidston and floral tea cozy fabric.

Thank you to all who entered. It's fun to read about everyone's favourite stitch crafts. All winners were chosen by the random number generator at 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Celebrating With Daily Winners

In celebration of this new venture, I've put together a daily contest for the week of February 22nd. One winner will be chosen each day for five days, February 22 - 26, 2010.

To be entered in the contest leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite type of stitching craft or fiber art is. No need to wait till the 22nd, comment any time from now until the 25th of Feb. Please remember I need an email address to contact you if you win, I can't contact you through a Typepad profile. I will ship internationally, so everyone can enter.

Here are the prizes:

Prize one: includes the PDF project book and the PDF Cherub pattern 

Prize two: Felted wool heart and bird shapes, one skein of floss and vintage buttons. I used this same wool to doodle and applique these.

Prize three: For the flower enthusiast. Includes 4 vintage flower themed embroidery patterns. A vintage Alpine Flowers book and a few skeins of floss.

For the younger crafter. A covered, hardbound sketchbook, pencil and mini pencils.
(note to self: hide this from little G)

My unreleased "Lights are on but Gnomebody's Home" pattern and a piece of vintage cloth for stitching it up (similar to the cloth the pattern is stitched on in this picture.)

There we have it. I hope lots of you enter and if you have a chance, take a look at the new blog and shop.

Happy, happy Friday to you!

Joanie x


So many happy things

Sweet Sonia passed on the Happy 101 Blogger Award to me. I've been working obsene hours on a big project but what could be more important than taking time to think about all these happy things?! Nothing :)

The rules of the award are: list 10 things that make you happy and then pass along the award to 10 wonderful bloggers. I can easily overflow pages with what makes me happy and lots of happy bloggers, but here are lists of just 10: Not in order of significance, if they were, T & G would take up all 10 spots!

Vintage buttons

1. I can't tell you the joy I feel when I come across a collection of vintage beauties and even better, a tin packed to the brim that someone's grannie no longer has a use for. Then I have the happy further joy of using them and giving them a new life outside of the old musty tin.

2. A perfectly brewed cup of tea in the morning and again in the afternoon. 

3. The tinge of pink on the horizon before the sun comes up.

4. Walking along the seashore collecting treasure. When I was younger we spent most of the summer by the beach. I used to get up early, grab a bucket and head out to a rocky cove before the tide came up - bliss.

5. Hearing uncontrollable giggles coming from children when they are having fun.

6. Making things with Tristan and Gracie. Anything - cookies, drawings, songs, treasure hunts...


7. Old books. I could do spend hours in old book shops. Even though the must and mold in these places give me a runny nose. I think this love began very early. It's not only the books I like but the history they've had - where were they from and who owned them. My great grandfather, though I never met him, had a huge collection that I used to love to go through. My favourite thing was finding old notes tucked inside. He was a physician, and people often paid him with books, I love the thought of that.

This "101 Things..." book was found at a used book shop, I loved it before I even opened it. I recently saw that it's just been republished. It was gifted to "Janet" in 1940, so Janet probably already knew way more than 101 things to do in war time after already living through the first big war. Sadly, she couldn't have known then that the second one would go on so long.


8. Completing a time consuming project; happy, happy, happy.

9. Popcorn popping in a pan.

10. Seeing the first shoots from spring bulbs coming up.

If time allowed, I'd break the rules and keep on listing... but instead here are the people I pass the award on to. I share the love of people on Sonia's list too, but these are 10 more. 

Mathyld, Encore Petite

11. Reading the words and seeing the images by all of those above makes me happy too. There, I've done it, I've broken the rules.


P.S. back very, very soon with news.