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A favourite cake and another prize


Clementine Cake

I've tried to take photo of this cake many times, but never managed, we just eat it too quickly. It's from Nigella's How To Eat book and it comes out perfect every time. After a quick search I've found she has this recipe on her website here. Mine comes out darker, I'm wondering if it's because I bake with unrefined sugar which is darker, speaking of which, this recipe is not for the fainthearted in the calorie department. More often than not I tweak a recipe here and there for personal taste, but not this one - it's perfect, and so moist!

You know I'm a tea drinker, this cake is perfect with a cup in the afternoon - although I have been known to sneak a slice or two with my morning tea for breakfast instead.


Prize Six

I don't know how, but I accidentally omitted this prize from my list in the previous post. I thought I'd put together five, but just went back to my file and realized I forgot to include this one, so it's six. This is a white linen tea towel, pre-washed and ready for embroidery. It's the same towel I used for this Christmas stitch-up. Prize six also comes with a set of fabric for a tea cozy. Cath Kidston spot fabric and co-ordinating floral fabric, cut into a tea cozy shape all ready to embellish before sewing it up. Of course, there's no need to embellish it if you don't want to, and in fact there's no need to use the fabric for the tea cozy, use it for something else if you fancy.

If you haven't entered the (six day) celebration contest, go to the previous post to enter. With six prizes to give away your chances are good :)

Hmmm... six seems a strange number, seven seems better, I'll have to think on that one. 

Happy Tuesday!




Oooh, that cake is yummy. But you're right about the calories - and I can't remember whether Nigella does this but it does make me laugh when I read cakes that are packed with ground nuts described as having 'no fat'. No butter perhaps, but what do they think is in almonds?!


Perfect, perfect perfect recipe! Thank you so much for linking to this one. I love "plain" cake - especially with tea. Like you, I would probably be nibbling at breakfast! I am a huge believer in eating cake for breakfast!

Alli (One Pearl Button)

Gorgeous! It's almost too pretty to eat. I love your cake plate, too!


Love the Cath Kidston fabric! I had to check out one of the stores when I was in London in December, and it didn't disappoint, though it was so mobbed with post-holiday shoppers that I didn't really have time to browse.

margie oomen

i think i just might have tried to take a bite of that cake through my computer monitor.

Mathyld / encore petite

Erm ... This looks YUMMY !
Doesn't stencil make cakes even tastier ? I love it !

x x x

sarah brazier

That stencil is super delicious!

A local bakery puts stars on their brownies.. how can you resist the cuteness?

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