So many happy things
A favourite cake and another prize

A new classroom

Finished! The first Stitch Village Collection

Guess I missed my personal deadline for early November on this project, but for me the wait was worth it because I learned so much along the way, like this project would have been way easier if I'd married a programmer:) It's not only been an education for me, but also another way of teaching, replacing the art teacher job that I had to leave when we moved. It's a new classroom, sort of.

This 24 page ebook is a collection of five projects with patterns. There are how-to photos, diagrams, instructions, supplier info, lots of handy links and a must-have favourite recipe to go with the recipe binder project. 

The Gracie Doll is one of the patterns and even includes the method I use for making doll hair that can be styled. Because my real-life Gracie, though she's a football-loving, rock-climbing, jeans-only kind of girl, really loves dolls with hair that she can style (without the hair falling out!)

There's more information and some small sample images of pages from the booklet on the new blog and in the shop here.

The Cheeky Cherub pattern will be given away as a free gift for those who purchase the collection or it can be purchased in the shop on it's own.

Check back to the new blog for updates and information about future issues.

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UPDATE: Winner number one, chosen by the random number generator at RANDOM.ORG is Maryvonne from the Netherlands. Maryvonne will receive prize number one, the Stitch Village Pattern Collection and the additional Cheeky Cherub pattern.

The second winner is sweet Cheryl from Utah. Cheryl wins prize number two, the felted wool heart and bird shapes, vintage buttons and floss.

The third winner is number 15, that's Katharine from Derby here in the UK. She wins the embroidery floral package. 

The fourth winner is number 21, Monique from Holland. Monique wins the button covered sketchbook and pencils.

The fifth winner for the "Gnomebody's Home" prize is number 45, Christina from Australia.

The sixth winner is number 32, Nic from Yorkshire, here in the UK. Nic wins the linen tea towel, Cath Kidston and floral tea cozy fabric.

Thank you to all who entered. It's fun to read about everyone's favourite stitch crafts. All winners were chosen by the random number generator at 

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Celebrating With Daily Winners

In celebration of this new venture, I've put together a daily contest for the week of February 22nd. One winner will be chosen each day for five days, February 22 - 26, 2010.

To be entered in the contest leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite type of stitching craft or fiber art is. No need to wait till the 22nd, comment any time from now until the 25th of Feb. Please remember I need an email address to contact you if you win, I can't contact you through a Typepad profile. I will ship internationally, so everyone can enter.

Here are the prizes:

Prize one: includes the PDF project book and the PDF Cherub pattern 

Prize two: Felted wool heart and bird shapes, one skein of floss and vintage buttons. I used this same wool to doodle and applique these.

Prize three: For the flower enthusiast. Includes 4 vintage flower themed embroidery patterns. A vintage Alpine Flowers book and a few skeins of floss.

For the younger crafter. A covered, hardbound sketchbook, pencil and mini pencils.
(note to self: hide this from little G)

My unreleased "Lights are on but Gnomebody's Home" pattern and a piece of vintage cloth for stitching it up (similar to the cloth the pattern is stitched on in this picture.)

There we have it. I hope lots of you enter and if you have a chance, take a look at the new blog and shop.

Happy, happy Friday to you!

Joanie x




It all looks lovely - I find it difficult to decide on my favourite- I often go through phases! At the moment I am cross stitching, knitting, and machine sewing, but funnily enough I also love mending - gives me a warm glow of thriftiness!!

Pomona x

Michelle G

Beautiful projects! My favorite is embroidery and I wish I had more time to sit down a stitch pretty things.


I love embroidery but also love all the ways in which it can be transformed.

I love LOVE your new PDF project book! I love LOVE all your prizes too!

What fun!

Paula L.

What a great giveaway! Your book looks so lovely! I love sewing, embroidery and knitting and can't decide which one I love best. Thanks for the chance to win.
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


Oh, hoe lovely - congrats to you! My favourite is definitely appliqueing felt cut outs onto linen - I have been challenging myself to see just how small I can cut out flowers and butterflies, and my fingers are sore!

Alli (One Pearl Button)

Wow, congratulations!! My favorite is embroidery - it's so relaxing.

Lyndy Young

This looks beautiful. Well done! My favourite would have to be sewing, usually involving some embroidery and machine stitching I love combining embroidery into the things I make.


I love appliqué, especially with felt and adding embroidery as embellishment in the winter months.

Anne Marie

I loave all needlework but embroidery is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.


yay I'm so proud of you, Joanie !!!
congratulations on this fabulous new project !
You already know, but my favorite stitching craft is free-hand embroidery :)
xoxoxo big hugs

Tanja K.

My favourites are embroidery by hand and knitting. Sometimes I make a liitle bit cross stiching too.
Thanks for your inspirations!!


Wow! It looks great!

My favourite craft is embroidery, it's like grown up colouring in!

April H

I love embroidery! I love the fact that it's so easy to teach yourself.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Brilliant Joanie! Your new book looks fabulous!

I have been busy knitting this winter but I am hoping to get back to sewing over half term next week - soft toys and my spidersweb quilt!

Lucy x


I love embroidery and cross stitch!


fantastic ideas for giveaway! Congrats on finishing your project :) I love sewing most - but have a little crochet obsession at the moment!

Cindy G.

Right now, my favorite craft is crochet. But, I just picked up a stash of floss at a flea market, so I may be giving embroidery a go pretty soon. I've been amassing patterns for a while, but haven't taken the time to re-learn it!


Congratulations you did it! The ebook looks great and how fab to kick it off with this comp! I love embroidery, though I need a lot more practice!


great giveaway!!
at the moment i'm learning to crochet so i suppose that's my favourite


margie oomen

i am so impressed joanie
this is really a remarkable thing you have accomplished
i wish you great success


I love to do machine sewing and making felt objects, both combined with embroidery or stitching. In between I sometimes crochet.
And I love all the things you make (or made with children)

Jessica J.

I love embroidery and crewel embroidery!
ms.johnsonmahs at gmail dot com


Congratulations on all that work! I love them all, I just wish I had enough hours in the day to do them all!!


Thanks for a great give away!I love needlework,sewing and felting!I am also trying to teach myself how to knit!


oooh, wonderful prizes!!!! I'm off to look at the blog...but not before I enter the giveaway. My favourite craft is quilting!!!!

Must dash - new blog to read!

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