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January 23, 2010


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Mathyld / encore petite

Adorable ! Super sweet :D
Bye bye train ticket !
x x x


omg, Joanie, I almost fell from my chair !!! Me, the gingham goddess ? LOL that really put a wide smile on my face, that's for sure !!
Yes, I do accept custom orders, don't worry a second ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very kind words, your support & for the mention/link, you are the sweetest ever !

That bookmark is just super adorable, way to go Gracie, and thanks for the generous offer, I'm sure lotsa mama will want it, either to embroider for their kids, or for their kids themselves to embroider it.

much much love to you & your "babes" today oxoxo

Anne Marie

How cute this is!!

April H

I love when animals wear clothes! Too cute. aprilshecon(at)gmail(dot)com


I would love to have this little pattern! It's just too adorable!

Alli (One Pearl Button)

Aw, adorable! What a sweet bookmark.


So cute! It's fun to see something small get lots of appreciation and effort.


Gracie - you're so clever!!!!!!! Do you reckon you could convince your mum to stitch up my stuff for me too? Have a word...she's much neater than me at embroidery (but I would LOVE the pattern as well please!)

Susan Chambers

Gracie,absolutely adorable!!


Kitty and Puppy are so cute! Great drawing Gracie!

Miss Paula

Love the Little House books!!

The book marker is precious! Thanks!

amy ( sew~amy)


margie oomen

gracie is the best young designer
edgar, arwen and byron and I applaud her!!!

Maure Briggs- Carrington

These are adorable !!!


How gorgeously cute! My daughter (who is 6 and just getting into chapter books), would love me to embroider a book mark like that!

Lidia King

These two are a perfect pair! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Andrea in Vermont

What great designs! I will send them on to my niece, and I'm sure after she embroiders them she will be inspired to design some of her own. Thank you!

Cindy G.

Gracie, your drawing of the dog and cat are so cute! I wish I could draw even half as well as you ;) I especially love the way the cat's tail curls around.


this bookmark is absolutely gorgeous !
i love the simplicity of it.


I'm a school librarian and I know some of our kids would LOVE to make this bookmark! Thank you so much for the idea!


Copy please!! I love the precious kitty. She looks like my Sweetpea.


Way too cute - send me the pattern please - I cannot wait to make it. :) It is just wonderful.


I would love this pattern too, please!


These are soooo cute.
I would love a copy too, please


Oh so very cute! My son will love this!

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