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More re-purposing and things

A lot of organizing has been taking place around here. Mainly the kind that bears invisible fruit, like figuring out how to get children to and from school through snow and ice packed roads. But there are a few other items checked off my list that feel somewhat more productive, like the repurposed jean project I'm just finishing for The Green Parent. It's quick, easy and super useful and after I finished the first sample Gracie snapped it up to claim it as her own (she's my personal barometer for success.)

I'd forgotten how lovely it is to work with old denim and I've fallen in love with the soft, worn-in utility fabric all over again; it got my head spinning on to more new projects using the garment remnants. But for now I have a new pattern on the go that I'm loving stitching up - this one is going on an under shirt for Gracie. The design is inspired by Tristan and the art of Mabel Lucie Attwell (lovely, chubby cheeked children.)

After several inches of more snow yesterday, today it seems the melt has begun. Our snow gal is trying to squeeze into her bikini, I think it will happen soon. We can nearly see the road again and the weather report says we might even see sunshine on Sunday.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are with two overseas friends this week who have both said good-bye to their mums, hugs to them from across the pond. Also, with the people of Haiti and the difficulties they're facing; I hope there will be a way for us to help in some small way from a distance.

Happy Thursday to you :)



I was thinking the same thing earlier about Haiti. I know so little about it as a country other than the bad things they've faced. Apparently many of the population live on just $1 a day. I can't imagine how hard that must be, and now to face complete devastation as well. Poor, poor people.

It makes my daily dilemma of whether to leave for school early or late to avoid traffic and ensure a parking space really very pathetic.

On a cheerful note - I love old denim too - it just gets better the older it gets!

Brook Owens

oh boy I love the cupid you are stitching!!!


Adorable snowlady! She's a hoot! :) I can't believe all the snow you've been getting.

The cupid stitching is wonderful too... so cute for Gracie.


i love the sweet cupid stitchery and that snowman makes me smile! happy january!


Thanks, Nini, for this very thoughtful post for our dear friends that I keep in my heart ... And for all all all these people in Haïti. Can we imagine how deep are their "misère" (destitution/poverty-stricken in English ?) and their suffering ?
What to say after this ? Every subjects look so light-weight/flimsy (sorry for my approximative English). Just want to say that people like you, Nini, bring some beauty, some love to our world and that we are lucky to have you ... and your blog with all your pictures and projects.
Concerning your denim project, I can't wait to see it finished, as I love denim too ! Children and especially daughters are perfect barometers, their reactions never lie and G. is very very lucky to have such a creative and productive mom !
About T., is he becoming your own patterns designer ? Wow !
A cold hug to your snow-woman before she reaches a warmer destination with her beach outfit ... and the biggest and warmest hug to you, sweet Nini !


I love your snowy photos. It looks like a real "wonderland" where you are although it must be hard to get places! Hope you are enjoying your winter craft.


love the bikini snowgal!

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