Merry Christmas one and all!
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Sleep-time teddies from outgrown pajamas

Tristan wouldn't give up his favourite brushed-cotton pajamas that he'd long outgrown but a hole in one knee the size of a football made me finally take the scissors to them. Though the fabric was fairly threadbare I salvaged enough to make him a soft teddy so he could still enjoy it. Gracie wanted one too and has the perfect pair of way-too-small jammies with tiny pink rosebuds I couldn't wait to use, but no, she wanted her brother's fabric, and absolutely no pink. Luckily, I was able to maneuver the pattern enough to squeeze out a second teddy.

To make them I drew a simple one-part teddy pattern, cut it out and stitched features on the pieces to keep them entirely soft. I then stitched around it and left a gap for stuffing. I stuffed the head and limbs with soft filler, made a little pouch of the filler and poured in some lavender, then tucked the pouch into the teddy's tummy. I could bearly get the gap stitched up before they were usurped for a cuddle. T & G love the lavender scent and both are snuggling with their new friends as I type.

They're so simple I thought I should share them. My children always appreciate the things we make from re-purposed materials much more than those from new materials; to them the process of transformation is a little bit magical and it is to me too!

The teddies say thank you Sonia for the nature finds they're modeling with ; )


Alli (One Pearl Button)

So sweet! I love the idea of putting lavender inside.


Aw Joanie you are amazing :) These teddies will be treasured for so long, it gave a wonderful second life to much loved pyjamas ! They are awesome and so are you !
I am honored that my little nature finds made their way to the photoshoot ! :) (thanks !!)
Have a superb end of the year, dear friend ! oxoxo

Sandy Shirley

Sometimes the simplest things really mean so much!! I LOVE the simple design made out of worn, well-loved fabric. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing!!!


These little bears are lovely, I am quite inspired! Thank you for your lovely blog x


Ohhhh, this is so sweet!! And such a great idea for keeping the snuggly jammies around!

I featured your project on Craft Gossip Sewing:


margie oomen

such sweet expressions on their faces
Thanks so much for the wonderful christmas card and adorable owl picture


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