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I'm resurrecting this advent calendar idea from a couple of years back. It was first made for a craft magazine and the editor liked colourful materials so we used Christmas themed paper. I think we'll use newspaper this year (we'll sift through our recycle pile to find some without horrible headlines.) Or we'll paint newspaper or brown craft paper for a colourful but more rustic look.

Adventtree_2 For a different magazine I made these packets and a twig tree using tracing paper, that would be fun to use for the bunting too.

We like to create little activities, riddles, or jokes instead of sweets or chocolate because we find there are already plenty of sugary goodies around every where this time of year. Making up knock-knock jokes is big with my two at the moment so I think the bunting might be stuffed with several of them.

If you're as far behind schedule as I am this year and you'd like to make advent bunting here's a handy template for you. Just trace the template on paper of your choice, fold on the dotted lines and punch holes in each one to hang. Here's what you need:

long twine to tie the bunting to • paper for folding • ribbon or string to tie the bunting to the twine • small sweets or chocolate coins and/or lots of jokes, riddles and activities

Have a great Monday everyone, I think I might spy some sun peeking out from behind a black cloud - things are looking up around here but I won't be taking my wellies off just yet.


margie oomen

Have a wonderful start to the month.
I love your advent ideas.


What a cute advent calendar! I really want to make one this year, but am running a bit late. I hope the sun comes out soon!


Brilliant ideas... I love both of them along the the jokes & riddles. Such a sweet idea!

Wishing you a *sunny* week! :)


Lovely advent ideas!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing it - I'm sure the children will love it too! Lucy x


Your Advent project is beautiful, Nini. Thanks, once again, for sharing all your clever ideas with us. And your template can be used for many occasions, even alone, and in different sizes. Wish you lot of fun with your children ! Love.

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