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Time to take a short break from this little journal.

It's time to step back and hit the focus on my life lens. I have many unfinished projects staring at me, a work deadline looming, visitors arriving from far away and most importantly, two very important little people requiring extra cuddles.

Even Gracie's tiny dolly is crying out for help, she wants her dress finished, some accessories and a roof over her head - at least she's now got hair.

In the interim I'll still be on email and still sending out the embroidery and appliqué patterns.

House-test-1Thank you for all your lovely comments about the new pattern, and old ones too, they really are appreciated.

I hope you're all enjoying Autumn, I look forward to catching up with you friends when I return :)



Oh my friend, I know I know ... I may need to take one myself ...
I hope you'll manage to do everything you want/msut do offline, we mamas are so highly demanded, aren't we ?
I'll always keep you in my mind, and anyway, you're always only an email away.
Sending many many hugs to you & yours ! (PS : when is G's bday ?)
PS : I loooove her Liberty dress, btw ! How stylish ! And her hair !! And her eyes !! G's going to be sooo thrilled ! You're an awesome mama, my friend oxoxoxox take care, OK ?


Have a lovely break - we'll all still be here when you come back. We can't be having uncuddled children and hairless dollies :-) I meant to say how much I liked your little mushroom house - I have been making something similar here but I think yours is far cuter!


have a great time and look forward to seeing you when you return!


She is the most beautiful doll! Have a good break.

Pomona x


Have a good, creative, and productive break! I'll be looking forward to your return.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Have a lovely break Joanie - but don't be gone too long! Lucy x


Take care and enjoy your time out!

margie oomen

Have a lovely break. Enjoy your time with your family, friends and projects.


You must know I support your decision to take a break 100%, but I am going to miss you. Hope you won't be gone too long.


enjoy your break with family (especially the kiddos), friends and yourself! looking forward to your return.

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