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Thanks, and a little animal entertainment


My friendly little chestnuts and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the warm and wonderful birthday wishes! These little chestnut friends were part of a big package of Autumn treats that Nanou sent me for my birthday, thanks Nanou, it was a special surprise.

Also thanks to Kath at Whip Up for featuring my cheater's patchwork tutorial and Anne, Craft Gossip for doing the same. Between my birthday and these tutorial links my inbox was overflowing with happiness when I woke up on Tuesday another year older.


The garden has been a great source for amusement this week. Dozens of partridges have been partying up a storm, they're the funniest birds on the planet (some might say stupid.) They sometimes walk up to our glass doors and look at their reflection. Sometimes they peck on the door and try and walk in, fair enough it's glass and looks see through. But they also walk down the middle of the road and when I approach in my car they just turn their head and at me like teenagers with an attitude. They don't even quicken their steps, I get closer and they move slightly faster but not much. More often than not I stop the car and run up to them on foot. This sometimes does the trick, they fly in every direction and not too gracefully either, they make us laugh everyday this time of year.


Another humorous visitor this week was from little Mr Stoat. As I was working on my computer this sweet little face poked through the ivy right outside the window and looked at me. Photographing a stoat isn't easy, they make the Roadrunner look slow. The telephoto lens on this camera is pretty poor, but I managed to get him.

I snapped him just before he popped down a mouse hole and disrupted this little guy and the rest of his family. Teeny-tiny mice went flying hither and thither and this one seemed to be in a state of shock. I then went to collect the children from school and returned an hour later to find him still sitting there. I thought a passing bird would have pounced on him or that the stoat would return to claim him. I showed him to Gracie who then put him in a box where he suddenly sprang to life. She released him a little while later happy in knowing he appeared fit and healthy, I didn't manage a photo of it:(


I also didn't manage any decent pictures of my friends visiting from Kent for my birthday and our very fun afternoon together. I'm hoping their pictures are better than mine. Thank you so much for your visit ladies, you know how much it meant to me!

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend - we're off to an apple fair today to savor more of Autumn's bounty.



awww, they're such lovely chestnut critters! I enjoyed the little animal entertainment! happy weekend to you!


Mr Stoat a slinky looking devil! glad the mouse survived the trauma though.


I love your little chestnuts - what a fab birthday present!!!

I love partridges, they're very stupid, and I like that in a bird - reminds me of myself, maybe. But I have run a few over in my time, because they don't tend to move when I approach them in the car. Daft birds.


Oooooh Joanie, what fun ! I would have loved to be by your side & see them all in action ! :D It's been a busy week I see !
Nanou's presents are the sweetest, these chestnuts would bring a smile to anyone !!
Have a great start to the week tomorrow ! oxoxoxo


The "Happy nuts" look very proud to be photographed here !!! But they're a little afraid of mice, afraid to be eaten ... Hopefully, they can hide in their matchbox ! :)

margie oomen

What action in this post. Love it all but especially the happy birthday nuts.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

So much fun and adventure in your neck of the woods!!!

Lucy xxx

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I love your works with knit.

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