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October 04, 2009


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awww, they're such lovely chestnut critters! I enjoyed the little animal entertainment! happy weekend to you!


Mr Stoat a slinky looking devil! glad the mouse survived the trauma though.


I love your little chestnuts - what a fab birthday present!!!

I love partridges, they're very stupid, and I like that in a bird - reminds me of myself, maybe. But I have run a few over in my time, because they don't tend to move when I approach them in the car. Daft birds.


Oooooh Joanie, what fun ! I would have loved to be by your side & see them all in action ! :D It's been a busy week I see !
Nanou's presents are the sweetest, these chestnuts would bring a smile to anyone !!
Have a great start to the week tomorrow ! oxoxoxo


The "Happy nuts" look very proud to be photographed here !!! But they're a little afraid of mice, afraid to be eaten ... Hopefully, they can hide in their matchbox ! :)

margie oomen

What action in this post. Love it all but especially the happy birthday nuts.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

So much fun and adventure in your neck of the woods!!!

Lucy xxx

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I love your works with knit.

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