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A little garden time


The week has been busy finishing this little project for my article in a winter issue of The Green Parent. The projects and writing don't take too long, but the photographing is a time consumer. I'm lucky my helper, Gracie is patient because I have to trick my camera and fiddle with light sources to get the exposures half decent.

My camera has now been broken for about a year, I'd love an upgrade from my 20D to an EOS 40D but would settle for a repair (which would be a third the cost of a 40D, ouch!) Perhaps the birthday fairy will get it repaired for me, though I dream of getting this new lens, a lens isn't much good with a broken camera. It's good to dream.


The sun is glorious today, giving me time to clip a few rosehips for a bare wreath on the shed and to enjoy the garden a little. The bunnies have been eating the windfall apples and and the birds are going crazy for blackberries, both reminding me that I'd better collect some myself before I miss the season for making more of my favourite pies.


Last week I got my bicycle repaired which meant I could cycle to the farm shop in the village this morning to get a few things. It's a nice road and only about a mile there and back - I hope the weather stays fair so I can discover more of the area on my bicycle.


I got to meet my friend Vicky in Winchester yesterday. It's such a pretty city, I'm excited to get to know it better. It was great meeting up with a friend from Kent and I can't wait until next week when a whole carload of them are making the journey here to visit, what a treat!

I hope your week has been full of treats, happy Thursday :)



Love that garland at the top, and all beautiful photos!


Ah, we fixed our bikes last weekend and I've been having a lovely time cycling to the allotment and coming back with a basket full of veggies each morning - just what it's meant to be like!

margie oomen

i just adore all these photograph and to know you are settling in so very well


Hello my Joanie :)
Thanks so much for taking us on the roads of your neighborhood ... how much I wish I'll be visiting them one day. (well not ON the roads, but you get the idea ! :D)
This rosehip embellished wreath is absolutely to die for, and I already told you so. Karen inspired you, and I guess you'll inspire me too, as soon I'll have everything to make it or something similar. I love it when we all inspire each other !
So happy for you that you managed to finish the article (and photos !) for the winter issue !
Um, I have a question ... when is the birthday fairy supposed to work for you ? (I'd love to know ...)
Big hugs to you, my friend. Take care & have a lovely end of the week !! oxoxox


Can't wait to be part of that car load!! I don't like having to be a long distance admirer. You know I've always been a big fan of your blog but now I feel like your other blog friends I would like to look beyong the pictures, can't wait to do so next week. And...Sonia, her birthdayis on the 29th!


I adore the wreath form you used! Can you tell me where you purchased it? Lovely!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Beautiful signs of busy-ness! Keep having fun! Lucy x

Account Deleted

Hi Joan! SO lovely to see you pottering around in your garden. Your garden crafts are pretty and festive!


Glad you are enjoying your new home - the photos are certainly very lovely!

Pomona x

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