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My fingers have been very busy stitching over the last few weeks. Gifts for teachers, friends and so on - it all seems to happen at once. I really should be getting on with that de-stashing and packing referred to earlier but so far I've been a happy procrastinator and enjoying our first full week off school. I'll start next week... really I will.

Actually procrastinating isn't entirely accurate, in addition to stitching I've managed to hire a moving company, arranged a new dentist and final appointments, organized a service for my car (it's making very scary noises), created a new project for these guys which included a photo-shoot with small children (interesting), nursed a poorly little girl, took my sewing machine to be serviced (first time in 10 years, I love my Husqvarna) and spent several enjoyable hours teaching my children card games. The last item was of course the most important because they laughed like hyenas when I lost - it was so much fun.

That's all I can remember from the last five days, regular mum stuff. Doing a lot of little things, not really feeling like anything's been accomplished until now when I write it down here.

I was very pleased with how the little Rene Cloke inspired home above turned out, it may become an embroidery pattern.

And this crude, tiny applique of our school for our departing, long serving French teacher. It's a small sachet and the school is only 2.5 cm high but I managed all twelve windows and even fit in the attic windows. I thought small would be quick, I was wrong, but Madame Page is well worth it.


My happiest achievement of the last few days has been finding a solution to my huge embroidery floss management problem. The problem being that I'm too impatient to manage it. I've tried the cards but gave up as my stock grew and I tired of transferring them, plus I don't like the creases the cards make in the floss. There's mainly been big glass jars stuffed with skeins, but now I have this.


Not pretty, but meet my new system, shower curtain rings bought on sale for 8 pence a pack. I'd planned on making key rings with one of the classes at school but ended up doing something else instead so these were left waiting for new inspiration. It hit me when I tried to figure out a way to hang my floss in my fabric cupboard. I began separating the skeins by colour then slipped them on the rings and put them all on to one main ring and bingo! So simple and it works like a dream for me - very easy to sort, find the right colour and keep tidy. This is just a third of my floss but I know I'll get it all sorted because this system is quick and easy.

Notice the dry lawn in the background courtesy of our recent heatwave. No worries, the rain is back.

Happy Thursday everyone :)



I LOVE that little mushroom house and the school! Wow! You are brilliant!


I love both your felt projects! That little mushroom house is too cute!

I'm really glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't have the patience to wind their floss on those little cards ;)


Gorgeous embroideries - once my teacher gifts are done I am planning to embroider something indulgent for myself :-)

margie oomen

Great idea but I have grown fond of my nest of jumbled colorful embroidery floss in a vintage cookie tin. I love your embroidered pieces very much.


Brilliant idea for floss storage. Thrilled that you shared it while my "stash" is small! Not so much work to organize it.

The appliqué embroideries are lovely. I am glad you are managing to find time to indulge your need to create.


I like your idea ^^ And the little mushroom is adorable! Great work !


I great idea, way better than the "crazy" mixed up basked method I have going at the moment. I love love love that little shroom house, how adorable and the school too. Simply perfect!


Wow! You are amazing. Seriously amazing! You are quite talented with those tiny stitches. Each of them are perfect in every way.

And if it makes you feel any better... a 9 year-old beat me at a game of checkers last week. He giggled just like your children too! :)

Angel Mc

love it


Love love love this!

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