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Ship Ahoy! Father's Day Card


These are the sea-faring cards my class made for Father's Day this year. Like the tie cards, this project is one that can be enjoyed by all age ranges - and although they're all based on the same template the childrens' choice of fabrics and assorted supplies make each card very individual.

As we have a limited time frame to work on projects in the class room we kept the decorating of the ships simple. If we'd had more time we might have added little people standing on deck and strings to mimic ropes for the rigging. 

To make them you'll need these supplies:
Scraps of fabric, old lace or ribbons • cereal boxes or other card stock • white glue • scissors • brown paper (we used pieces cut from old magazines) • a twig or a stick • card stock for the folded card • corrugated cardboard or foam mounting stickers
  1. Begin by tracing this template on to the back of a cereal box then cut out the three shapes. The shapes are simplified to make them easy for little hands to cut but if you have limited time like I did, pre-cut the shapes for the children.
  2. Glue scraps of fabric to the sails, leave to dry then trim off any excess fabric from around the edges.
  3. Glue scraps of brown paper or fabric to the boat leave to dry then trim off any excess brown paper from around the edges.
  4. Cut out 6 small squares (about a cm square) of the corrugated cardboard. Glue two squares to the back of each piece of the ship. Spread them apart for balance and don't place them too near the edges.
  5. Put glue on the small squares, turn the pieces of the ship over and put them into position on the card. The ship parts will now be set off of the page and allow you to glue the stick for the mast behind them. (Alternatively use foam stickers instead of cardboard squares)
  6. Glue the mast on then cut out a small triangle of fabric and glue it to the top of the mast for a flag. 
  7. Draw some waves for the sea and write a message inside the card.
I hope you try it out, my class really enjoyed putting these together and we'll definitely be making a few up at home for daddy and the grandpas.



Delightful! Charming! Cleaver! I would love to see every card the class made.


Thank you, I think it's a perfect activity for my girls today. :) (and with dad abroad we don't have to it secretly!)

Slugs On The Refrigerator

Love it! So sweet. I know a grandfather that will love this too

Lucy Locket-Pocket

That's absolutely gorgeous! I definitely hope there's time this week for my three to make some for their daddy! Another lovely and simple design could be a hot air balloon with a patchwork balloon!

Thank you for the inspiration!

Lucy x


This is wonderful! I love the little sails. I'll be linking to this.


I love it too. What an exciting project for the kids ! I guess how pleased they were ... And it would be interesting to see how different the cards are to each other. Do the kids and the parents know how lucky they are to have such a creative teacher as you ?


i'm blogging this, totally cute. Tweeted it too!


Very cute! I definitely am adding to my stumble upon thumbs ups!

margie oomen

so fantastic
I love patchwork ships.


So cute! I also LOVED your windmill card! So clever!

Emily Flippin Maruna

Great idea! I'm totally helping my 3 year old make one of these! I've also linked to this page from my blog, The Handmade Experiment. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


sara's art house

This card is gorgeous! Great job!!!


This is brilliant and so very clever! I love the patchwork sails.

Thanks for sharing!

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Very unique and clever idea. I would like to try this, thanks for sharing.


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Nothing too soppy mind. We`re not like that in my family!!!!

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Tanya B

Thank you for this wonderful idea. I did it w/a class of 2nd graders and it was perfect!

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