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But he's only ten...

Alright, almost eleven, but still our little boy. 

What do you do when it's his first school trip? 

You help him pack his bag and you check the list to make sure everything is in there. And then you check the list again and maybe just one more time.


Then you make a last minute luggage tag because all the cases have mum and dad's name on them, not his own. He's never needed his own because we've always been there.


And you make sure his iPod is charged because music always makes him happy.


Then you watch him get in the coach and see that he is braver than you are because he's calm and content. And you make sure they've driven down the road before he sees the tears in your eyes.

Then you wonder how to get through the week missing this piece of you.


And you do the thing that makes you calm and content too: sit and sew, enjoying the sunlight flooding the room when the forecast called for showers.

I hope your room is sunny too :)



Sweet story, and how well I know that feeling! I'm hoping the sunshine stays!


i still pack and check my big boys bag and he is 16! he has just been to camp and we all missed him. i have had some very teary bus scenes, and not just me. once it seemed all the mothers were sitting weeping (it was the first big camp for my daughter's class last year) - stitching is just the right remedy.

Brook Owens

oh how sad!!! I bet hes having a blast though!


A Monday morning big kiss to let you know how much I think of you, strong and loving mom ! I guess your home sounds empty but (for once) I wish you'll be overwhlemed with work to make the week go very quickly. And I'm sure that Tristan will have a so busy program visiting, that he won't have time to be sad. I hope you have a nice weather, it's good for morale (spirits), if not I send you all my sunshine ! A lot of love, my dear sweet Nini ...


Mine are not at that age yet but I am tapping in to your feelings through this lovely post. I love the sewing image....


Ooh Joanie, I feel for you, I think it will soon be my turn, and anyway, I know how it feels to see/let them go, even for a short amount of time. It hurts, but it has to be done. I send you tons of hugs & love, and tell you that everything will be alright, he'll come back home soon, with his head full of sweet memories & things to tell you ! :) xoxoxo


sweet, joan. been there. it'll be okay... it is harder on you!


oh I thought I had left a comment just now but can't find it. Anyway, I hope your sewing and crafting will divert you a bit from missing your little (big) boy! I feel the same at certain occasions with my little ones (4 and 8)! They seem to grow up little by little but much too fast!

Margaret Oomen

Almost 11 is the best age ever. He is one of the coolest looking boys I have seen. I am sure he will have a wonderful school trip and when he comes home he will be exhausted, excited to share all he has seen and done and happy to sleep in his own bed and eat mamma's delicious food.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I was bereft when our eldest went away for a week when she was 10! And she's off again this weekend too and it's still hard!

Hope you cope ok!

Lucy xxx

P.S. your sewing is looking gorgeous - what is it????


I remember when my monster first went away on a school trip, I was totally lost! She on the other hand had a ball, all midnight snacks and surrounded by friends. Hope you have a good week!


My worst time was when my children went to first grade. No such thing as kindergarten then. I will never forget how hard it was leaving them behind after driving them to school that first day. Since I totally loved having my children around, I almost never even left them with sitters - took them whereever I went. So, this was big. Can't even imagine having to deal with sending them on a trip away at such a young age.

I am thinking of you and wishing you and Tristin safe journeys.


Shucks, I just got all teary-eyed reading this. I know I would feel the same way. They grow up too fast. Such a big step in life. Tristan looks so content and ready for his adventure. :)

Does it make you feel a little bit better if I tell you that is the cutest luggage tag ever?! Love that.


Oh well done, Mum. I haven't had to do that one yet, but can already feel in my bones that there is an ache-in-the-heart parenting moment!


Gulp. Lump in throat.


I don't think I could do it (though I know every parent has to). My baby is only 1, so I have a little time.

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