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The weather has been so blustery this week I whipped up a quilt for Grandma to keep her toasty warm; well not exactly whipped up, that implies a measure of speed. It's the first quilt I've actually finished, and at only 6.25 x 6.75 inches you'd have thought it would be a breeze but I think a king size would have taken me less time.

It's nearly all hand stitched using mostly Liberty. No measuring or precise cutting, I just snipped little bits of fabric and gleefully stitched them together. Liberty has a way of spreading happiness, maybe it will reach all of you.


So now Grandma has become my little guardian watching over me from a shelf in my sewing room. She will be back on Monday to finally share the giveaway news and Liberty may be involved:)

Have a lovely weekend.

PS, I'll put a full picture of it on Flickr, see just how imprecise my cutting and stitching is.


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh Grandma! What a gorgeous quilt you have!

Lucy xxxx


That is so very lovely! No wonder Grandma looks pleased with herself.


cripes - I have some of those fabrics and I know how tiny the prints are so your squares must be TEEEEEEEENY! I think I've fallen in love with Grandma, maybe it' the liberty spreading happiness?

Pam Harris

I just love how you simply cut little squares and stitched into place without trying to get everything precise! The result - a totally charming little quilt. And, predictably, I especially love the "block" with the embroidered, appliqué heart!

Only one complaint! You are just too inspiring! Do you have any idea how many "Nini Makes" projects I have tucked away in my "future projects" file!

And then you just had to introduce me to Debbie which has served to expand my "future projects" file further!

When I look at that file, I am reminded of the day when I was about 12, walked into the library and realized suddenly that if I read a book everyday for the rest of my life, I wouldn't get to read every book there!


I love Grandma's little quilt. I find hand sewing and hand quilting to be very meditative. I love making baby quilts by hand.I think the impreciseness makes a handmade quilt truly one of a kind!


did u make grandma wolf? she's sooo cute! her quilt is also the most adorable thing!


Those little squares look to be about the size of postage stamps. So darling and those colors are just perfect!

Oh, and I am loving your blue flower vase too! "Grandma" is very lucky! :)


How beautiful and funny, Nini ! Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm or Charles Perrault would have been delighted !
I didn't imagine that your Grandma was so tiny before I saw the buttons close to her. I guess how difficult it was to make her ... At least, in this size, your Grandma won't eat anyone of you !
Her lovely quilt look amazing to me too ! Your mix of farics and Liberty is fab, once again !


Thank you for lovely words everyone. Yes Katy you're right, they are very tiny pieces of fabric, largest is under 3/4 an inch. I did indeed make the wolf (I mean Grandma.) Yes Nanou, she's tiny too, her head is just under an inch high but quite tall when standing because she has very long legs (so we're lucky it doesn't hurt when she bites!)
And Deb that vase is one of two that I treasure. I got them at a boot fair and was drawn to them across a crowd. They are old (Victorian) Christmas lights and would have had a candle in them and a metal hanger at the top which is now gone. The glass is thin so that the light could shine through.


What a de;ightful quilt - you must be proud :)
Estelle x

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