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Grandma's Quilt

Little Red's Grandma has an Announcement


As a little blog birthday celebration, a giveaway is in the works. Not that the birthday of this here blog is an important thing to commemorate, but the joy it's brought its author in the way of friendships and opportunities made possible through it's creation are undoubtedly reasons to celebrate.

More on this soon, I'd say tomorrow but I just found out a very good friend has sailed back to us for a visit and I'm ever so excited to spend time with her instead of finishing off the giveaway item. But I promise it will be fun and Little Red's Grandma is sitting on a clue.

Hey - Grandma your ears are very big, and your eyes and your teeth too...



Oh Nini, your Little Red's Grandma is so pretty (in spite of her long teeth) and full of suspense ... Have a great time with your sailor friend !


Hi Joanie :)
Oooh what a cute nightgown Grandma wears ... um ... I won't go kiss her though, I'm to scared :D
How neat for you that your friend is visiting, you must be thrilled ! Have fun & enjoy every second ! xoxoxo

margie oomen

I think a year of blogging is really a big event to celebrate. It really does change your life in ways I don't think any of us realize.
I am so delighted to have discovered you and your blog this past year and look forward to many more morning readings.
thanks so much


Happy Bloggy Birthday! I hope there are more years to come. I think a delicious cake is in order...and Grandma's tummy will Thank You for it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fab wolf! Love, love, love the nightgown fabric! Lucy x

Pam Harris

Happy anniversary! I am so glad you decided a year ago to begin your blog. As a result, I have a lovely new friend.

Thank you for giving the world a chance to know you - a very special, warm and creative woman.


I love her nightgown and little night cap!

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