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Sprinting into year 3


Technically this giveaway should be in May, but we'll be away in Holland visiting some family next week during our school half-term break. I'll draw a name or do the number generator thing the evening of June first.

This contest is open to everyone everywhere, blog or no blog, from the UK to Kathmandu. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter. As usual, be sure to enter an email address not just a Typepad profile or I may have no way to contact you if you win (email addresses are not visible to blog readers.)

The winner will receive the following:

1. Grandma's bed pincushion, the prize cushion may not be the one pictured, I'm working on a couple more with the same materials. I will ship the winner my best version.

2. Ten squares of Liberty cotton fabrics (the ones pictured) all are at least 14 cm (5.5 inches) square.

3. Over a metre of antique, handmade lace trim; perfect for a pillow case or to edge a shelf.

4. A set of four large mother of pearl buttons (one inch) and two matching etched glass buttons.

5. A surprise gift from our trip to Holland (I can tell you it won't be cheese and as this is a family blog, it won't be from the Red Light District either.) The little Dutch doll pictured is not included in the prize package, she's simply a representative.

About Grandma: turns out it wasn't Grandma after all, it was a big, bad wolf. But Grandma is fine and the wolf won't be harming anyone, he's stuck up high on my sewing room shelf and can't get down.

Inspiration is a funny thing, here's the story of Grandma's bed.

If I'm sewing while sitting on the sofa I stick my needles into the arm of the sofa next to me but our sofa fabric is a perfect colour to camouflage needles.

After school one day recently, tired Gracie lay her head on the side of the sofa and got poked with one of my hidden needles. Feeling terrible, I decided to make a little mattress shaped pincushion that could sit nicely on the arm of the sofa and vowed never to stick needles into furniture again.

So I made the mattress but decided it would look sweet with a wire-work headboard. Then I thought the mini bed would be perfect for a little wolf dressed in Grandma's clothes; so then came the wolf followed by Grandma's night dress and cap. But of course the wolf, though clothed, looked cold so then came the tiny quilt.

The end

Note: Gracie was fine, no blood drawn :)

Incidentally, I usually get my best ideas while I'm brushing my teeth, when or how do you get yours?

Have a great Monday :)



I have pins all over the place, too! A real hazard.

A generous colour-filled giveaway!

I think I get all my best ideas in bed, just before I go to sleep. Must remember to put a notebook on my bedside table....

Have a fabulous time in Holland!


Oh, and Happy 2nd Bloggy Birthday! (same day as my sister's actual b'day!)


Happy Birthday! Those are lovely prizes, hope I win =) I seem to get my best ideas while creating something else entirely. I'll be sewing a bag, thinking about plush ideas...


Congratulations and Happy Second Birthday. I really enjoy your blog.


awesome prizes! happy 2nd birthday! I get my ideas usually before I fall asleep, always makes for a bad night of sleep


Happy second blog birthday Joanie! I really adore and enjoy your blog! Have a fantastic vacation in Holland! Take care xoxo

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fabulous giveaway! Glad to hear Gracie survived the whole needle-in-sleepy-head scenario!!!

I always get my best ideas in the bath - problem is that I sit there so long daydreaming about them that I fall asleep!

Have a great time in Holland.

Lucy x


Happy 2nd Birthday to the blog!
I found your blog through Flickr, after seeing the tiny quilt. Am totally smitten with the things you create! One of my favourites is the hexes in one of the previous posts - they melt loveliness. =)
Have an awesome time at Holland =)


My little found one of my pins yesterday - how bad did I feel?!

I usually get my best ideas exactly at the moment when there's no time to do anything about them - yes, I run on stress!

Have aovely trip, and what pretty giveaway!


My 6 year old stepped on my pin cushion two days ago. There was blood, and a lot of it...!!

I get my best ideas while tidying up, an excuse to stop I suppose :P


Happy Bloggy Day!!!!!!
Sorry for your little one....
I do the samething with my pins....luckly
so far none of them have found them...I have
to change this habbit!!

Love the story of granny~wolf! How fun!
Does granny have a pin in her tushie yet
from sleeping on that bed?

I get my ideas while I have dirty hands
or when they are busy or full.
Dirty Daipers...dishes...laundry...
cleaning the toilet or cooking dinner...
reading a book to the kids...then I will
most of the time forget...but just remember
that I "had" a great idea...but it left me.
I call it Momnesia.
Each kid I have I forget more...oneday I
will for get my name....
Loads of good luck to me too!
What a fun and wonderful give~a~way!
Thank you!!
Hope you have loads of fun in Holland!!!
Love to you,
.....see totally for got my name....hehe!


Happy bloggy birthday. Enjoy Holland, and hope the sun shines - we like it alot!


Happy blog birthday! I'd love to enter your drawing. Thanks!

Sandy Shirley

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your creative process. I usually get my ideas if I wake up during the night when all is quiet and I'm trying to go back to sleep.


happy blogaversary! The bed pincushion is adorable, have a great trip to Holland too.


Happy birthday - love your giveaway as much as I love your blog!!


Happy blog birthday! Thanks for including us in your celebration!


I'd love a chance at your giveaway! What a wonderful collection of goodies! I'll be having a giveaway for my 100th post, and I'm up to 77, so in a few more weeks come check it out!
I hope your trip to Holland is a fun one! Must be nice to have spring coming on and all the flowers blooming! Here, the cold wether is starting o set in, and even though we have flowers and birds all year round, I'm used to tropical conditions, not temperate as it's becoming now.
I get my inspiration while trying to go to sleep at night. I ususally have to write it down straight away or by morning I'll forget! It's a real pain to get up out of a nice warm bed and having to turn on the light and wait til your eyes have adjusted and then scrounge around for a pad and pen...oh well! It's the finished produst that matters, and the warm bed waiting when you get back!


Lovely. Happy blog birthday!


2 years, when will you come to the Netherlands......????


What a beautiful time of year to visit the Netherlands! And congratulations on two full years.


Happy Birthday to your blog! I get my best ideas from blogs and after seeing your quilt, I'm thinking I need to make one. If mine turns out one tenth as good as yours, I'll be thrilled. Have a great trip and thanks for doing this giveaway!


Congratulations on your milestone! I hope you truly enjoy your trip! What a beautiful place!

Christina J.

What a great giveaway!


What a fantastic giveaway! I also recently used little red riding hood as inspiration for a rauschenberg-esque canvas. childrens ales are the best of literatures to use as inspiration :) x

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