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April 29, 2009


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what a great idea - and such beautiful results too!


Thank you for sharing! I think it would be fun trying this with my children (4 and 8). A good opportunity to introduce the youngest to some art too(beside what is shown in Little Einsteins...)


i loooooved this post!

margie oomen

i think i want to be in your class :)


I remember studying Kandinsky at school, and after looking through his artwork (especially the earlier stuff) i am inspired! I loved this post, and the childrens artwork looks really good - your right, it would look lovely scanned and printed onto postcards. I would also love to be in your class!

Aqeela xx


Can I also have a desk in your class ? For me and my children ... they'll sit on my lap ! Great great great ! Thanks in advance ...

Pam Harris

What freedom to express! And this technique could be used in so many ways! With colored tissue, to create a fabulous abstract quilt.... I can not wait to play around with this!

Thank you!


I agree - I want to be in your class!

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Wow, because of this, i learned a new technique on making an abstract postcard. Thanks for the post.


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