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Hex therapy


Just hanging around a corner of my sewing room, some hexagon hearts. The one on the right is now on it's way to a very nice person on another continent. The bird on the right Tristan made from his own drawing when he was seven. The little chicks are a couple from dozens I made years ago to hang on a branch for Easter and the little heart at the left is from mollychicken.


Nothing like a little hand stitching to clear away the cobwebs and put the mind on hold. Stitching up hexagons is so relaxing, I'm loving using up scraps, scraps I have no shortage of.


These are the beginnings of the heart above. I found out the hard way that the dark thread I used to tack with was polyester. My scalding little iron that I keep in my sewing room melted the thread leaving a number of dark lines melted into this patchwork piece of sunshine. Grrrr.

I embroidered over them to cover up the scars (click on the top photo to enlarge it and see.) There are so many good hexagon piecing (English paper piecing) tutorials there's no need for another, but here are a few tips you might not find elsewhere.

  1. Firstly my hard earned tip, use cotton thread to baste the hexagon around each paper
  2. Use a basting thread that's easy to see and therefore easier take out later.
  3. While basting each hexagon take a quick measurement of each side to make sure your shapes are uniform.
  4. Use a fine needle to piece the shapes together, it's easier to pick up smaller bits of the fabric for less noticeable stitches.
  5. Use neutral colour thread to stitch the hexagons together, not light and not dark - I usually use a tan colour (it looks lighter in this picture.)
Also, I just use a hexagon template I made myself (I've never found pre-cut hexagons here in the UK.) These hexagons are on the small side and I'll happily email it to anyone who wants it.

And I don't use rotary cutters, just normal scissors on fabric pieces grabbed from a scrap bag. I place a paper hexagon in the centre of a scrap and clip around it about 1/4 inch larger than the paper shape. Quick and easy.

Here are a couple of hexagon or "English paper piecing" tutorials to check out, a hexagon pieced table mat from CraftStylish and a detailed paper-piecing "how-to" from Sunshine Creations. These are two different techniques but both very good and simple to master. And here's a lovely Flickr group full of hexagons too.


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Your hexes look gorgeous! I'd love a copy of the hexagon template if you don't mind. Thanks very much! Lucy x


Oh my goodness these are so sweet! I don't think I have the patience, they look so intricate.


I have seen so many hexes around the place, they are just so amazingly beautiful. I love those hearts hanging in your room, so pretty.


the heart is gorgeous! I'd love to have the template too :)

margie oomen

your hex heart is so gorgeous
it looks like so much delicate stitching work
but worth every minute of it


Yess please! I would love to have the template!

I am thinking maybe a tree skirt fo my table top miniature tree Diane gave me years ago!


Amazing! These little hexagons are just perfect.


Such a beautiful therapy, Joanie ! I requires so skillful hands and patience ... And I really love Tristan's bird, congratulations to your imaginative son !

design for mankind



Beautiful creations!Your sewing room must be so pretty!


Oh, I love this! I'd very much appreciate it if you emailed me the template so I could give it a try! Thanks!

Joyce Hill

Those Hexies are beautiful. I certainly have lots of scraps and would love a copy of the template. This would be perfect to sit out on the porch on a beautiful sunny day and create some placemats or turn the hexies into pot holders.

Thanks for sharing.

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