A special project, now finished

Some jewels of the sea


Inspired by the beautiful assemblages at Resurrection Fern, I decided to create one of my own before packing these little beauties up for a long trip to Canada. Margie will then work her magic on them.

This assortment was chosen for their smoothness and lovely shapes. The one with the hole was added simply because I can never pass up stones with holes and thought Margie might like one too.

The circular one in the centre was included because it's flint and litters the landscape where we live. It's strength and availability has made it an ideal building material here in Kent since Norman times. The stone in the lower left corner is a hard chalk which is what gives the Cliffs of Dover their whiteness. The stony beach where I collected these is just south of Dover.


Many beaches along the channel that separates us from France are stony like this and I find myself looking down on most of my walks along them. There's just too much to discover in their shapes. Not surprisingly my children have inherited my habit of pocketing them along the way, unfortunately it's my pockets they usually drop them into. Perhaps a couple of bags to hold their treasure are in order... I'll put them on my list.



Oh Joan, what a beautiful composition ! Before starting reading, I KNEW it would be in some way related to Margie ! I purchased one of her covered stone this weekend, and I hardly can wait to get it, they're so precious !
Haven't you thought about printing the first photo ? It would look so great. :) Happy March to you, dear. xoxo

Tami L

so beautiful!!! My husband has carried a "smooth" small stone in his pocket as long as I have known him, his grandfather used to carry it. The simplicity of nature is just wonderful. Love your display.


I am saving this post in my "escape" bookmark - a place I have created where I can totally - well... escape! The beach photo - so inviting. Just wish I could touch! In winter my "winter village" lives on the surface occupied by my beach stone collection the rest of the year. You have reminded me it is time to put the village away!


I am impatient to see the next Margie's Diary Stone ! And I like to see the beach where these treasures come from. Your photos are beautiful and so relaxing ...


I love your pebble composition - I'm forever pocketing stones whenever I'm at the coast too - free art!


Oh my goodness! Look at that beach! Fabulous.


I love this! I collect heart shaped stones and display them on a little shelf i found in a thrift store.

Linda Hahn

I just posted a comment about the cute Valentine bird tea towel on your blog and realized you probaly won't read it because the last post was Feb. 4.
Is there anyway that you could e-mail that pattern to me? I have a friend who is having a birthday on March 21st and I just found your pattern today. She loves birds and this would be the perfect handmade gift for her.

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