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Felt & Button Flower Cards


My class loved making these button flower cards so much I thought I'd share them. We made them for Mother's Day (it's celebrated in March in the UK) but they'd also be handy to use for any variety of other occasions like Easter, thank-you's or birthdays.

Flower-bouquet I created a whole bouquet of these felt button flowers for a craft magazine last year but knowing bouquets would be far too much cutting for 5 and 6 year olds I opted for a single flower for each mum.

The project is simple.
Gather some felt, buttons, pipe cleaners and small scissors.

  • Draw a flower shape on to a piece of felt or choose a shape from this template and trace around it. I find a biro (ballpoint) works best on felt. If you want leaves, trace them from the template as well.
  • Trim the flower just inside the pen mark. Make two tiny slits in the centre of the flower with small scissors.
  • Take a pipe cleaner and bend one end about 5cm from the end into the shape of a hair pin with one long end.
  • Thread the pipe cleaner ends through two of the holes in a button then through the two slits in the flower. Twist the short end of the pipe cleaner under the head of the flower to secure it. If you are adding leaves, put glue on the stem and wrap it around the pipe cleaner near the flower at the top.

For the card:
You'll need some card stock, decorative paper new or recycled, glue stick and craft knife

  • Glue a piece of patterned paper to a card cut two horizontal slits in the centre of the card about 5cm apart then thread the stem of the flower through the card (I did the cutting of the slits for the children using a craft knife.)
  • Note: Use multiple buttons for centres or stack multiple felt flowers. Also, be creative with the paper for the background - try the written side of an old postcard, newspaper, a page from an old book, wallpaper, gift wrap, etc.

If these flower instructions make this easy project sound complicated, click here for a diagram and see how easy they really are to make.

Let me know if you give them a try.



Very very pretty!!!


What a great idea, thanks!

Miss Paula

Oh I like the bouguet! Just in time for Spring!


Lovely idea - I think my girls could manage this for my mum for Easter!


Simple, fun and cute. Thanks for sharing!


Such lucky mothers ! Thank you very much for sharing this lovely idea ! If I find time to make one in the future, I'll show you of course.


Aww, I love this, what a great project! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, I'll be linking for Mother's Day.

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Such a nice card you have here.This is absolutely adorable.



I loved this.
I had to share it on my blog!

i hope you'll agree. if not, please leave a comment.




Very cute. I want to do this project with my class of 7 & 8 year olds. Thank you!

Flowers in the Philippines

Oh! Cool.. I love the way you create that project., especially the bouquets of flower you have there. it seems very attractive. thanks for sharing those guide on how to make that. looking forward for your next post.


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Its very attractive artificial flower's, I am very thankful to you. There are many important information about that How to make this flower I like it so much.

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Oh' very creative! I like it. Wish I can also learn how to make like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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So cute and adorable I really like the idea the flowers design make the card more fabulous!



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You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

Mia  { silk bouquets }

Very lovely felt flower bouquet! This is the kind of project that I'd love to make with my kids, they'll gonna love this. Thanks a lot.


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Janice schaub

wonderful idea for the card. I have the stuff to make the button flowers, just not got around to it yet. However the card is a great idea.

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