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Happy Mother's Day

A week of wow


Sunshine has appeared and it's warm enough to go out without a scarf and gloves, and today, even a coat!


Our new neighbours. Nothing better than watching them hop around the fields of sunshine. Underexposed shot but their mummy came and gave me the eye so I had no time to get a better one.


My ten year old boy played guitar at Canterbury Cathedral and is performing there again tomorrow with his school singing in a performance of David Fanshawe's African Sanctus. No pictures, they're not allowed. For me this one is a very big wow. He was only just a little seven pounder, born in a hospital a few streets away - how'd that happen?

And if the sun, the lambs and son's performance weren't enough, hubby and I were invited to see Snow Patrol in London on Saturday. It was a last minute offer of four free tickets with good friends and it was brilliant, actually better. They were on top form and seemed genuinely shocked at their ability to fill 20,000 seats - bless. THEN, we arrived at our seats to find they were in a suite with a free bar and dinner, clearly some good karma has been accumulated somewhere. And if you've paid for cocktails in London before you'll know it must be a whole lot of karma.

And while on the subject of amazing Celtic connected music, why is it this band isn't HUGE? Lead singer, Glen Hansard even has an Academy Award under his belt for his song from Once, one of my favourite movies ever, ever. At the moment I can't get enough of The Frame's Set List, live CD, just listen. If they don't tour the UK a quick trip to Dublin will be in order to see them on their home turf.

Www-18-3-09I just squeezed in under the wire for wwW here's a quickie; a favourite Noa Noa blouse and an even bigger favourite, my thrifted £3, 1950s cashmere cardie.

If I took ten minutes to figure out the self-timer on my little camera I might have less awkward shots, but where's the fun in that?

I wish all weeks could be this great, but if all weeks were I guess the truly great ones would just become average. Obviously I need to sleep now.



What a big post - the lambies are too sweet, is this where you really live? it looks magical. We live on a main road in the 'burbs!! You must be so proud of your boy, what a thrill.
I love whatcha wearing, 3 pounds for that cardy is a sure bargain!

margie oomen

I love newborn lambs so very much.
Congratulations to your son, that is very exciting for him. Musical talent is such a gift . A very shareable gift.
Love your photo and I think I might have a thrifted cashmere cardi just like that one:)
oh and I love glen hansard and his band.
I am so jealous of elsita who got to meet him at the academy awards last year.

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