Pajama dress and clean boots

I heart thrifting


Heart-back The piles of thrifted fabrics, boxes of antique lace, embroidery and tins of old buttons often overwhelm my work space and spill out into the rest of the house, but I love them and use them at home and at school.

The cushion above was a Valentine gift for Gracie. A heart cut from a dyed wool, thrifted blanket and scraps cut from damaged lace. The back has a pocket for hidden treats. 

This heart below is a pressie made from a thrifted embroidered cloth. It wasn't a useful size and had a few stains so it got the chop. The other side is a modern piece of floral and old buttons.


I could spend all day, everyday poking through my boxes, cupboards and tins of found treasure to turn it into something new. Just push a little bread and tea through the door now and then and I'd be *"Happy as Larry".

It's nearly bunny time too, I have plans to use up more thrifted fabrics to make little wool lovelies - a bit like these.

* Don't know who Larry is, maybe he's related to your Uncle Bob referred to here.



What lovely, precious things you have! That angel heart is a keeper!


Very cute hearts!!


I love every heart you make! One of these days I promise I am going to make a complete set of Nini hearts for my "seasonal tree".

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