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A Valentine gift

Although Valentine's Day generally comes and goes around here like pretty much any other day I remember gleefully making dozens of Valentine's cards for classmates when I was little, always saving my favourite for the boy I most had the hots for.

The design for this little embroidery pattern popped into my head the other day and I've just managed to get it finished before the 14th has come and gone, though I'd quite like to use it anytime of year. When I stitch it the finished product might be a quilt block.

The seven year old me probably used this "tweet" line when making Valentines all those years ago. I wanted it to hark back to those old little cards with the goofy little puns. I loved making those cards back then and Gracie has her eye on this design for a few Valentine projects of her own.

If you'd like the full-size PDF version of this design leave me a comment on this post and I'll email it to you. It will only be available through the end of February.

The Green Parent magazine has a fantastic new website and has posted one of my craft tutorials from their Christmas edition - it's very simple and appropriate for Valentine's Day. They even included one of my templates for download, handy for a variety of crafts.

3197165024_957a01a18c_o-1And if Valentine's Day is not your favourite day of the year take part in the Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest hosted by Dabbled. I found it via Rachel of Average Jane Crafter who is one of the judges.

To take part create a "creepier" anti-Valentine craft and enter it on Dabbled's site.



Lovely pattern! I think even just the birds on their own without the heart would be gorgeous (although I do like them on the heart too!)
Please email me the pattern :o)

-I love the 'tweet' - I thought there was some kind of rule that valentine's had to be 'goofy' (maybe that's why I picked my hubby...)


Hi Joanie!I'd love to make something crafty out of your tweet pattern! Thank you in advance. :)


I'd love the pattern, too. I think I will make it without the valentine, as a birthday gift for my sweetie =) Thank you!


i'd love the pdf, it's so cute :)

Miss Paula

I would love your pattern!!! Thank you!!


Pls email pdf of your new pattern. Its so cute! Thank you so much! Happy Valentine! Smile


Oh, yes please - I'd love to have the pattern! Thank you!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Your stitchery is gorgeous! I'd love a copy of the pattern please! Lucy xxx


Oh your pattern is so cute! I would love to have this pattern, please?!!


So cute!!! Please send. Thanks!!


Your patterns are always so sweet. Thank you for sharing! I would love a copy, please--I think I might make this one into something for my honey...or perhaps my girls...


Another cute patttern! I loved stitching your tree family at Christmas, and would love to do this one too!


It 's so cute !!!, i really do love to stitch this pattern, i woulkd be very pleased to receive this one
Thank a lot in advance.

Nora McGinn

I have been looking for a Valentine's pattern and this is really cute. I would love a copy. Thanks.


You are so talented!


What a lovely pattern! Even the tails of the birds have a heart shape. I would love to make this pattern for Valentines day.


What a pretty pattern! I would make this for my mother. She would like it. Thank you in advance.


May I please have your charming pattern, it's so very sweet. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Love the pattern, Your so tweet!


I love this pattern as I do all of your patterns. Please email me a copy and thank you so much!!


What a really fabulous embroidery! I would love a copy of the pattern.


I'd love this pattern, tnaks!


That's very cute. I'd love to add the pattern to my collection. :-)

Mom to 2 boys

Count me in for the pattern also. THanks!


I love your "tweet" valentine. How kind of you to share your art. I would love the pattern. Thank you.

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