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The Angelic Glitterati


Not a lot of time for posting these days. I've spent most of my time at school the last couple of weeks helping the children prepare crafts to sell at our Christmas fair. These little angels were made by our Form 1 classes - they're four and five year olds. The angels are so easy to put together, here's how:

Take a longish pine cone and cut off the tip which will create a skirt for the angel. Here's a before and after pic.


Then a grown-up glue-guns a wooden bead to the top. Children can then *paint faces, glue on glitter to make sparkly gowns and glue feathers to them to make wings. We also formed halos out of pipe cleaners, put glue on the ends and poked them into the top of the bead.

*I brought the cones to the classes with the beads pre-glued and faces painted on. Markers bleed on the wooden beads and pencil rubs off; tiny paint brushes are tricky for children so young so I prepainted the faces using the method in this tutorial.

This basic pine cone angel has a multitude of options. We could have added pipe cleaner arms, given them more accessories and added other trimmings but our time was short. Still, this simple little project made the children very, very happy. However, I'm still sneezing glitter ;)

Thank you Pete and Dianne for all the pine cones!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all my family back home - see you soon. xoxo

A fairy important announcement...


This little butterfly fairy would like to announce the winner of the Christmas crafting contest:

The winner is Carol, a mom, grandmother and great-grandmother. I have no other details about Carol but I'm hoping she will return my winner's email quickly so I can ship her winnings off to her.

It seems fitting that a great grandmother has won the contest as many of us have learned our needlework skills from our own moms, grandmothers or great-grandmothers.

Thank-you to everyone who entered and thank-you for all the fantastic feedback.

If you are arriving to this contest late it's not too late to receive the Tree Family Christmas pattern. Simply leave a comment on the previous post and the PDF file will be emailed to you.

This embroidery pattern will be available indefinitely.

About this visiting butterfly fairy. This personalized collage is a little *Mother's Day gift project I put together recently for The Green Parent. Super easy to make, none of the items were purchased - all bits and pieces from around the house. Pick up their Feb/March issue for the how-to!

*Mother's Day is in March here in the UK.

The Tree Family - Christmas Embroidery

PLEASE NOTE: You must have an email address to receive the pattern, not simply a Typepad profile. Also, click on the Embroidery and Applique pattern button at the top right to view other free patterns.

EDIT: The contest is now over but this pattern is still available as a PDF via email with a donation - find it here. PDFs usually arrive within 24hrs.

I've had this little happy image in my head for a while and finally got it stitched. When I finished it made me smile so I thought maybe I'd spread the cheer.

While I was at it I thought why not have a little Christmas contest to celebrate this crafting season (although some may prefer celebrating with a bit of stiff egg nog or in these parts warm mulled wine.)

So all those who comment on this post will receive the PDF pattern by email and also be entered into a contest to receive these goodies.


The winner will receive:

  • a blank, pure Irish linen tea towel
  • selection of embroidery floss to create the "Tree Family" design
  • a felted wool flower brooch
  • two heart shaped pieces of felted wool, perfect for an embroidered sachet like these
  • an assortment of vintage buttons
  • a kit to make one of these peg fairies
  • a felt photo travel frame similar to this
  • one vintage lace doily

I will pick a name from a hat or figure out one of those random number generator thingamabobs on Monday, November 17, soon enough to hopefully avoid the hectic Royal Mail Christmas post.

I'll continue to give away the PDF of this Tree Family design after the contest is over to anyone who comments.

Best wishes!