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New craft euphoria


My parents have been visiting from Calif for the last two and a half weeks. And though my mom categorizes herself as "not crafty," she whipped up a set of crocheted coasters for us. See they put ice in their drinks over there in those parts and icy drinks need coasters.

However hot drinks were more necessary during their visit as we only had about two sunny days during their visit. And it's still raining, hence spots on the window - although there usually are spots on our windows even when the sun is out.

So while they were here, I picked up the crochet hook myself and made a coaster, not the one pictured, mine didn't come out terribly flat, or circular. Although I did master it in the end with more than a few chuckles from my mother along the way (apparently I'm not allowed to multitask while crocheting because I lose count.) We were going to back the coasters with a circle of fabric but ran out of time.

Fueled by my eventual coaster success I attempted to make this bracelet by Futuregirl.


I saw her pattern last year and liked it so much that I thought it would be worth trying to learn to crochet again.

I followed the pattern all by myself (her tutorial is very well written.) Alice, the creator, emailed me that it was super easy, and it was - thanks Alice. I'm now experiencing that euphoria one gets with the success of a new craft. Although not technically new to me, my mom did teach me around age 8 but it fell through the sieve that seems to be my brain somewhere along the way.

Give it a try.

Now that I'm learning, I will put one of Cindy's patterns on my list to try. This is one of my favourites.

Note: There are various weights of crochet cotton and mine was a bit thicker than the one used for the bracelet pictured in Futuregirl's tutorial, I also used non-uniform beads. Clearly I have a lot to learn.



amen to spots on the windows at all times! amen to the "sieve that seems to be my brain!" amen to new craft success euphoria!


Glad you had a nice visit with your folks. I wish my mum crocheted or knitted or something. Well I guess she does, she cleans. God bless her. I love the bracelet and the coaster. Look like some cute ideas for Christmas. Shhh, i did not say that :)

Gift of Green

Fun stuff! My mom: not crafty, doesn't clean, COOKS! Amen to that! :)


I love how your bracelet came out! The clear blue beads are so bright and cheery. :) I think hte non-uniform sizes aren't a problem ... they lend visual interest to the pattern. Sometimes, if everything is just-perfect, then it's actually a little boring. In my bracelet, all the beads were the same size, but the blue colors were all over the map.

Thanks for trying out my pattern!


You did a beautiful job on that, and you got to spend some time with your mother to boot... can't beat that, I don't think! :)


OK..I HAVE to have that coffee cup...to go with the one my hubby bought me for my birthday last week....check out my blog!....I would love to be able to crochet or knit...have never gotten the knack of it...any advise on an easy tute?...THANKS! creative blessings, Debbie

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