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This little item is on the twee side, so if you have a twee aversion, look away now.

A simple little stitching project for a beginner stitcher, or gift for a beginner. I put this one together very quickly to add to a raffle prize for the Macmillan coffee morning.

The raffle prize included this needle book, some hand-dyed felted wool, this lovely sewing book, some hand-dyed felted wool, a length of antique lace, a linen tea towel, a variety of embroidery floss colours, a hoop and a small pair of scissors - it was all tucked into basket.
This little kit would make a nice, simple Christmas gift for a would-be stitcher.

Go on, whip one up: You will need: two pieces of felt about 9cm x 13cm, another piece of felt for an inside page and two scrap pieces for a button flap and a pocket. You will also need felt for flower petals, a button for the flower centre, a snap (popper,)and embroidery floss.

  • Cut two pieces of outer felt (I used pieces from a felted wool blanket.)
  • Cut a piece of regular felt, about 8.5 cm x 12cm, in another colour for the needles and pins - the left edge will be stitched into the cover. Using pinking shears on this felt creates a nice edge.
  • Tack a smaller piece of felt (about 8cm x 4cm) to hold buttons on the left and stitch it to the cover on the top edge, use thread that is the colour of the cover felt.
  • Stitch another piece to the cover (about 8cm x 6cm) along the sides and the bottom to create a pocket, again use thread that is the colour of the cover felt.
  • Cut out five petal shapes from a flower colour of felt and one small strip of green felt. Stitch them to the cover in a flower shape and sew a button for the centre. Chain stitch a stem, add petals with a satin stitch or bits of green felt and stitch a strip of felt to the bottom. 
  • Sandwich the felt that holds the needles between the cover pieces of felt and hand stitch or machine stitch the three pieces together down the left side.
  • Sew a snap to the outer edge to hold the needle book closed.
  • Add a blanket stitch around the edges with embroidery floss, fill with needles, buttons, pins, etc. and "Bob's your uncle!"*

After writing this I now know I have a serious problem with the word felt, each and every time I type it it comes out flet. Am I alone in this affliction?

*Couldn't get my head around this bit of slang after moving to the UK. Who is Bob? I don't have an uncle named Bob, and you don't know even know my uncles.



I love all things made of "flet" and this one is gorgeous! I don't know what it says about me but I don't consider it twee at all......!? (My husband has an uncle called Bob but I can't shed any more light on the saying......)


noooo, I do it too. And every time I type YOU it comes out yuo.
I like twee. Not that that is twee. It's more very, very cute (and perfect for the sewing box I'm putting together as a christmas present!). I got the book too, but I really want to keep it for me. Selfish old Witch that I am.

Sorry, no Uncles called Bob here.


It is so darling and will make a perfect gift! I love how it has a little of everything you need and that it is portable!


I have no clue what Twee is. But this is super cute! I love felt needle books!


I love it!

elissa Finger

i love this. i am a sucker for flowers made somehow from buttons. well, i think i am just a sucker for anything cool done with buttons. lovely.


This is so, SO sweet! I'll be linking to this and adding your blog so I don't miss a thing!


Loved it, I forward it to my crafts groups in Portugal/Brasil.

Thank you for teaching us!
* bless


This is so beautiful -- I can't wait to whip one up and place it in a stocking this Christmas :)K


This is so cute!
We do have some strange slang, some people say "Bob's your Uncle and Fanny's your Aunt!" Always makes me smile! ;)


He He! Just found your site and love your tutorials! v handy, can't wait to have a good poke around. I had a little giggle at your 'bob's your uncle' comment - next time you'll have to say 'and Robert's your mothers brother' - that'll confuse them!

Design for Mankind

You are way too creative! :)


A friend of mine linked your site to her blog - her daughter is making the Needle Book. I was so surprised to read your reference to a Macmillan Coffee Morning! I thought "This blogger must be in the UK" so I went to your About page and sure enough, you are! My mum used to attend Macmillan Coffee Mornings when she lived in sheltered housing in Manchester. And we all lived in Northern California (Chico) before she and my Dad went back to the UK. What a small world!



I love it!! I need one of these to take my stitching with me to the park. Thanks for another rockin' tutorial!


;-) is it Twee..or TweeT..or Swee..or Sweet.. What ever it is.. I love it. I think the basket you put together sounds wonderful! What can I do to get on your basket list? Ha.

Gillian Caine

i really love that see and saw book ! gorgeous!
Gillian x


I'm going to make this for my 8yo daughter for a stocking stuffer! Thanks!


Hey, you're from Northern CA! I live in Chico.


This is too sweet.

I love it.

'Bob's your Uncle' - hmmm my Dad says this and he's Canadian.

Swell Stitches

I ADORE this! Thanks for the quickie how-to! Your blog is awesome!


May I have your permission to post a link to your needle case tutorial on my website? ( I'm making a page of great gift ideas for quilters and would like to direct people to your needle case tutorial. It is so cute! Thank you.


urban craft

so wonderful, all children should grow up with craft!


I hope u dont mind me linking to this tutorial from my blog :)

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What a cute and lovely stitching project, i flet (ups!) Felt (jajajaja =) Me too) like my grandma could use one of those!!
wonder if you put the steps in images!!!

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