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Butterfly Kisses


Here it is, a little gift embroidery design - use it for whatever you like. I've used it for this little round cushion for Gracie but if she was a baby it would have been stitched on a onesie, or a bib - probably both. Actually, in my haste I made the cushion quite small, so it will probably be for her dollies instead.

The colour choices are endless, not sure about the colours I used, I grabbed a handful for a road-trip and this is what I ended up with. I would love to see the colours others come up with - email me and I'll link your finished pieces and post your pictures here. The PDF file is easy to scale up or down for whatever size you like by choosing the percentage you want when you print it out.

Update: This pattern is now available with a voluntary donation and can be found here.  Just leave a simple comment about how you might use this embroidery pattern and I'll email you this PDF pattern (be sure to leave your email address.) It need not be an original idea, it's just nice to know what might become of this little butterfly once it flutters out of my computer.

For tips on transferring designs to fabric, I still use the method of taping the pattern and fabric to the window and tracing the pattern onto the fabric. The Embroidery Flickr Group and Craftster both have ongoing discussions regarding various other transfer methods. Enjoy!



Pretty! I definitely think I'd have to make a wall hanging for my great uncles wee daughter. He became a dad for the first time at 61 which creeps me out lol but she's a cute little thing!


Pretty! I definitely think I'd have to make a wall hanging for my great uncles wee daughter. He became a dad for the first time at 61 which creeps me out lol but she's a cute little thing!


what a sweet design! i love it.

Whitney Crane

This is precious! Thanks!


I'd love to make this for my daughters' room. I'd probably make it just as you have shown it (they have pom pom trim on their curtains).


My 5 year old has just started embroidering and this design is perfect for her! It will probably end up as a pillow for one of her dolls.


I have yet to do any embroidery, but I'd like to try some - and this would be awfully cute on a onesie, don't you think? :)


I would make my daughter a shirt. I give her butterfly kisses all the time!


I love this! It will be perfect for my friend's daughter's 1st birthday present, I'll probably make it as you have shown, I love the pom-pom's!!


How pretty! I think I would use it for a small pillow for my toddler's "big girl" bed, and perhaps a onesie for her little sister. And maybe on a pillowcase, and...


that's beautiful! Thank you so much!


I have a list of 26 things to do before I turn 27, something I've started to do with my sisters. Something on my list is to embroider something and this would be perfect on little shoulder bags for my 3 little nieces, and maybe one for me! Very cute design, thanks!


I have a brand new niece and I'd make her a lovely little onesie out of it!

Chelsea H

I would live to use this for my little girl that's due in December. I would love to make a pillow or even frame it for her nursery. Thank you so much, I love it.


That is so beautiful. Maybe a wall hanging or on a skirt for my daughters. We love giving butterfly kisses.


What a pretty design and would perfect on a bib I am making!


This is so cute! I just bought my girls a bunch of solid colored T-shirts on sale to embroider for next summer, this will be perfect!


Joanie this is so sweet, thanks for sharing, You are the best!


I could think of lots of way to use Butterfly Kisses! I think I would start with a pillow also for my niece. She is starting to embroidery herself and this also would be great for her to work on.


I would definitely use this design on a pillow - it would be so sweet in a little girls room. I would love for you to send me the pattern. Thanks!


I'm thinking a cute little bibbie for my wee one would be darling! Thanks so much!

Denise Felton

Joan, this design is adorable. My readers will love it! I've scheduled a link to your post to go live on my blog tomorrow morning (Central USA time), August 27. Thank you so much for sharing this resource!


Sarah Pringle

This is perfect for embellishing plain tees! It'll be summer soon in Australia and I'm making some clothes for my five year old daughter. She'll love to have this on a top.
Thank you,
Sarah :)


Sorry to those of you not receiving the pattern right away - just received a message from my ISP saying my email with be down today. You should still have it within 24 hours. Thanks! And thanks Denise - Craftgossip is fantastic!

May Britt

This is a cute pattern. If you mail me this I would love to stitch it and make a bag of it. Love your blog.

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