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Take-away love, and tutorial


I'm packing my bags for a trip and made this little travel frame to take with me.

I'm going to sunny California to spend time with my family and go to another wedding. I'm only missing two classes so it was easy to get those covered, but these two little lovlies will still have nine days left of school, so they can't come this time.

Thanks hubby for altering your schedule to be both mummy and daddy.


The frame fits inside this little pouch and is only about 3.5 x 4 inches so I can keep it in my handbag. I'm normally one of those mothers who only has one photo in her wallet, the one that was in it when I bought the wallet.

Now I can actually say "yes" when my extended family ask if I have any current pictures of the children.


I had this old pop art image of Robert Indiana's on the brain when I stitched this little case for the travel frame. Those lucky residents of Scottsdale get to walk around Indiana's LOVE all the time.

For those of you out there with only the original photo in your wallet too, you may want to make one of these frames - here's a little tuorial. I think mine's going to stay with me all the time, even when I'm not away :)



So sweet. Love the colors you used. It's so hard to be away from home especially when you're missing your kids. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing get-away.


I stumbled upon your blog thru Cindy! I love your projects and I'm going to visit your lovely site again!


Hi Joanie,
What a cute little travel frame and thanks for the tutorial. Thanks too for tagging me for the non essential things. I am working on it.


I love the travel frame. I never have any photos of my kids with me but might have to make this so I can carry some and say - oh, do you like the frame? I made it. Have a great time in California. Beth


Thanks for the tutorial! That is such a cute picture frame!!


That is so adorable!!!


super cute!!!
Thanks for your tutorial!!!


that is so cute! I love the little pouch you made to store it in, too.


What a sweet idea!


What a great idea. This would be a wonderful gift to someone with kids who is in the hospital. My brother was recently hospitalized for a week and he had a photo of his two daughters he wanted where he could see it, but we didn't have a frame (he was at a long distance from home), so it was hard to find a good spot for it. Something like this would have been perfect!


Aw! This is adorable!

Design for Mankind

Oh it's so so cute! :)


What a lovely idea!! It is absolutely lovely :)


Great idea - love the embroidered cover!

Design for Mankind

You always have the BEST tutorials! this one's a cutie. :)

Half an Acre

that is adorable!
and great tutorial - thank you.


So adorable. Hope you have a great trip!

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