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Swinging & more pretty pieces


Gracie swings. The swing is a log, with a rope tied around the middle - simple and so fun. We didn't make it, it was here when we moved in. She insisted I have a go, and of course I did, but then we had to fight over it.


Gracie loves to take pictures and this camera is huge for her. These are taken with my Canon EOS 20D. I've had it for about four years and been really happy with it, but the lens is only working on automatic so most of our action shots are blurry. It's ridiculously expensive to have repaired so I'm saving for an upgrade (by the time I've saved enough, I'm sure there will be many more upgrades available.)
I recently made this mosaic mirror in preparation for another session of Crafts at Mistletoe Cottage. This course has been planned for a while now, before our school mosaic project came about. Working on that monster got me warmed up.

Before that I hadn't made one for a couple of years, I'd forgotten how therapeutic it can be. Crushing plates with hammers and breaking up damaged china, then piecing it all together like a jigsaw is very satisfying and not in the least brain-draining.

If your favourite china has a run-in with a tile floor, re-purpose it and love it all over again :)

Readers often comment on liking boy-related craft posts. Mosaics are great crafts for boys. During our school project the children couldn't get enough of smashing the tiles with hammers - especially the boys. I suggested to a friend that she make a camouflage mosaic with her boys who are army mad. Or instead of a specific design, an abstract piece wih a mix of colours is fun to do.

Many boys I know enjoy puzzles and would love having a license to break things - a perfect combination.

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I like the swinging photos despite (or maybe because of!) the blur.

Your mosaic mirror is really lovely - I'm sure the smashing would be truly therapeutic......

elissa Finger

Thank you for pointing out the smashing bit of doing a mosaic like this! I'm sure my boys, 5 and 3, would LOVE at least that part of the project... I see Christmas presents in the making here...

Design for Mankind

You're right--- mosaics are great for the boys! :) Great post!


Your mosaic mirror is beautiful! And I love the pictures of your daughter swinging. I actually think the blurriness works for them, as it shows the action.

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