And we have a winner
Happy Father's Day

One for the dads


Make a patchwork tie card for dad or grandpa.

We made these at school this week, a nice project for little or big kids, and they look surprisingly smart - like a tie should.

This doesn't really need a "how to" but here's one anyway:

  • Cut a tie shape out of card stock and glue used postage stamps onto it overlapping and going in different directions.
  • Let it dry the trim any stamps that overlap the edge of the tie shape.
  • Stick foam dots or squares to the back and glue it to a card. The stickers lift it off the page for a bit of 3D effect.
  • If you use a dark coloured card glue a piece of light coloured paper to the inside to write a message on or write on the dark paper with metallic pens.


  • Try making a stripy tie or a polka dot tie using stamps instead of a patchwork tie.
  • Also try using a different shape like a car instead of a tie.
  • If you don't have stamps, squares cut from colourful magazine pages would be just as effective.
  • A simple shape in collage like this would also look nice mounted in very simple box frame to make a small piece of art instead of a card.

I scored three large bags of these stamps at a boot fair a few years ago for a pound a bag. It was probably the best three pounds I've ever spent for enjoyment value. I've used them for various projects at school over the last three years. The children love sifting through them, studying the tiny artwork and arranging them in their own artwork.

Enjoy :)



OMG I love this idea!!! You've got some very lucky kids at your school (and your house) to get to do projects like this.


so so cute! :)


What a great idea. I will try this with little Miss Ruffle these school holidays.

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