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Blog birthday contest


Here it is,
the line up of items that will be going to the blog birthday contest winner. I've put together a group of my favourite things (most are vintage items of course.) I will draw a name from a hat once again. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post stating which subjects you've most enjoyed reading about over the past year on Nini Makes. It could be anything - children's projects, embroidery, tutorials, patterns, etc.

The contest will run until June 10th and a winner will be announced that day. The following images are from the prize package the winner will receive. Athough there's only one winner, every person who comments will receive a new PDF applique and embroidery pattern by email.

So here is the prize package:

  • A pair of embroidered hair bands (Rosa* is holding them in the picture above)
  • Art deco metal cigarette case with a faux crocodile pattern, perfect for making one of these
  • One linen doily with handmade lace trim
  • One length of antique handmade lace over 1.5 metres long - in great condition
  • Softie book with patterns by Aranzi Aronzo
  • The 1950s Enid Blyton book Down at the Farm
  • A piece of 1970s Casa pattern Camaieu fabric (sturdy medium weight cotton), it looks like a contemporary Japanese fabric and measures 1.25 metres x 59cm
  • Three vintage buckles, two 1950s and one Edwardian mother of pearl
  • A variety of old cut and pressed glass buttons
  • A set of vintage green buttons
*Sorry, Rosa is not included. I can't let her go, she knows too many of my secrets.




1950s book

Handmade lace & doily and cigarette case

Aranzi Aronzo book and Casa pattern Camaieu fabric


A sample pattern from the Aronzo book.

I know this is image heavy, but I think prizes are always worth a look.
Good Luck, hope you all enter - if you're shy, email me your comment instead :)



Happy blogiversary! I can't remember the project or post that prompted me to add you to my blogroll, but I'm really loving your sewing, kids and embroidery projects. And the rolo pretzel thingies that you mentioned back in December -- perfect kid holiday project!


Wow! What a giveaway lineup!! Happy Blog Birthday. I just started reading your blog recently and as a Mom of a 3 year old, I love all the kid related crafts that you do. That pony corral was so cute, and I love those totes that you make.


Yes, it was the pony corral that led me to your blog not long ago. I love the kid related stuff too :)


My favorite things are the naughty bunnies -- thank you for the tutorial -- and I just loved seeing the hearts with the doodle embroidery. As someone who needs a pattern for everything, I was very impressed by those hearts. Happy birthday to your blog!


What a fabulous giveaway! I found you through Craftster ages ago, but I honestly can't remember which project led me here. They are all lovely. If forced to choose favorite categories, I would have to go with your tutorials and embroidery projects. Honestly, I love it all.

Congrats on the blog-anniversary!


you are a vintage girl ,love it.
I really did like your advents calender very much


I don't ever win these things. But, I did want to say happy Bloggerversary. I don't remember why I started subscribing to your site. But, I do enjoy seeing all your craftiness. Especially now that I am 8 mos pregnant and out of my own crafty energy!


congratulations on your bloggy milestone!
I check in on you because i love your kids' projects and just about everything else--we definitely have similar tastes...


What an amazing blogiversary giveaway. I love your blog, it's one of the ones I always check. If I had to choose a favourite subject it would be the little embroidered tote bags, especially that one from a while ago with pom-poms on the bottom.

Design for Mankind

EEK! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Did you coin that phrase? It's brilliant. ;)


Happy Blogiversary! I am a longtime lurker here but thought I would come out of the woodwork for this great contest....and June 10th is my birthday so what a great birthday surprise it would be for me to win!


I loved your lavender bag with the initial on it, SO MUCH, that it must have been so annoying for you that I copied the idea so many times. Thank you for that! You're a true inspiration and more importantly a wonderful friend! I hope we'll see many more Ninimakes birthdays!


You're seriously giving all of this away?? You're a goddess!!! And now I'm going to have to search through your archives for this pony corral...

By the way, PLEASE don't include me in the drawing - I'm still feeling more than a little guilty for my riches from the last drawing. :) Gotta share the wealth...


You're seriously giving all of this away?? You're a goddess!!! And now I'm going to have to search through your archives for this pony corral...

By the way, PLEASE don't include me in the drawing - I'm still feeling more than a little guilty for my riches from the last drawing. :) Gotta share the wealth...


I love your papercutting art (and looking at all your photographs)! Of course, anything crafts/sewing/kids-related is always good too!


Love, love the kid's stuff. My kids & I are learning at home together and we are big on the crafting so your inspiration is always welcome!


Well I only just discovered you about a month ago but I have loved many of the things you have made....the eye bag, definately doing this one for my little one who gets frequent sinus infections, the daisy tote you made for your little girl and the fairy embroidery you did, ALL fabulous!


Happy Blogiversary! I love all your kids projects and just posted your shrinky dink window charms on The Crafty Crow today :)


Congrats! I love just about everything on your blog, but the kid crafts are the best. Keep it up and I will always be back for more!

Gift of Green

Please don't enter me in the contest (you know why) but can you please include me in your pattern email? Mwaa.


I also don't remember what brought me to your little corner of the world 6-8 months ago, but I love your blog! I've recently cleaned up my feeder but you had to stay. I love the tutorials, your sewing/fabric art and how incorporated your kids are in your ideas and projects. I've used variations of your ideas with my own kids and it's been so fun! The Poppy Garden Bag? So simple, yet so pretty!


Congrats on your blog birthday. You sure celebrate in style!!


Happy bloganiversary :)I'm very happy that I now know your blog...I will be back and read all about your adventures!


I love all of your sewing and kid stuff. I think I need to whip up a few of those headbands for the seemingly endless birthday parties around here! Congrats on your blog birthday.


Ooops - my first post didn't post. I recently found your blog via a web search. I love all of your tutorials, sewing, kids stuff. I am going to be making some of the headbands to give as gifts to the summer birthday parties around here. Happy Blog Birthday.

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