Some favourite things
And the winner is...

Something blue and a dolly too


I had a quick trip to a local, year round boot fair this morning and came home with this treasure. It's a very old porcelain necklace which is broken to bits and I love every last scrap of it. Blue and the gold I adore. I'll probably use the parts that still have the gold backing to turn into new necklaces and the spare flowers to decorate other things. The little camel was under the flowers and I really like him too :)

In reality I'll most likely just put it on a shelf and take a peek in the box every once in a while too afraid to use the pieces for fear I'll mess them up or break them. Eventually I'll get over my fear and make something, then be too afraid to wear it for fear of dropping it or Gracie "borrowing it" (the child's never met a necklace she hasn't broken, thinks they all stretch.)

I'd love to know more about the necklace, like when and where it was made, who wore it - did she love it as much as me? My hunch is yes - and I bet it's first purchaser paid more than the £3 that I paid for it.


This is a little doll Gracie and I made together while the boys were out shopping for Tristan's first electric guitar. Yes I know he's only 9, but he's a real little rocker - some day I'll post a video of him playing (if he'll let me.)

I recently saw the tutorial for this dolly by Emily Martin of The Black Apple on Martha Stewart. It was such an easy pattern for a cloth doll I thought Gracie could make most of it (thank you Emily for sharing your template with the world!) We used my favourite antique linen for the face and arms, an old bit of vintage Marks and Spencer curtain fabric for the body and Amy Butler spots for the legs.

Gracie loved it yet quickly turned her attention to accessorizing this goofy little blue bear I made ages ago. It was destined for the charity shop when my hubby said it looked like a blue ET (I agree,) but Gracie loved it.


She fashioned a tiara, choker, sleeping bag (out of a trouser leg from my re-purposed clothing pile,) a pillow and made her first little skirt. She was so busy and just kept saddling up to the sewing machine to work on her creations - might have to look out for a spare machine at boot fairs!

The new dolly is next in the line up for accessorizing, Emily gives some tips on the tutorial but I'm sure Gracie will have a few ideas of her own :) 



Great job on the doll, and the necklace is beautiful. I always wonder about the history of my vintage buys too!


Thanks Carla, give the doll a try - Emily has made a brilliant pattern and tutorial.


It's ALL eye candy!! Your dolls are totally fab! The little girl in the pink dress is so huggable! And the little blue guy does NOT look like ET at all. ET would never look as good in a flower choker as your little guy does!

Definitely need pics of your little man with his electric guitar. If only to use as blackmail during his teenage years...


Thanks Anne, the cuteness of the doll is really don to Emily's design. My bear, just won't ever get ET out of my head. And I have way better photos for blackmail - besides, I am positive he will be in a band in his teenage years - already has one now!


Hi! i love the doll and the blue bear. I had a brown bear like that when I was a kid, but a dog chewed it up :(

and thank you for visiting my blog! you are on my blogroll, by the way, i hope you don't mind!


I am loving all of your inspirations and projects. So amazing! :)

I just posted a bloomer tute on my blog, so if you get a chance and feel the urge, feel free to come check it out. :)


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