Where did we go on holiday - contest winner
Little lambs and ponies

Land of wonders


What a week we had.


And now home. We've returned to lots of new little neighbours.


And snow... for crying out loud - IT'S APRIL!!!


And yet more snow.


Watch out!


A bit of a shock after this.

Italy was magic, just being away was magic. Not even a 24 hr tummy bug dampened our spirits. We did the things that every average Joe Traveller does in Tuscany. Climbed the Leaning Tower, visited David and ate way too much gelato.

Though I've been before, it was way better this time. This time I could listen to the very audible "ooohs and aaahs" of our children seeing these things for the first time, and what's even better - they appreciated every drop of unadulterated beauty that surrounded them. Well, OK not every drop, Renaissance paintings in their hundreds were a bit too much ("... yea mum, it's another angel - and I really don't care who painted it") but the sculpture, architecture and atmosphere were happily absorbed, especially if there was climbing involved.

Dscn0302_3Sorry for the tourist holiday snaps - this one I had to remember. Don't actually remember taking it because my eyes were closed, hence the angle.

We were at the top of the Leaning Tower, most people don't go up the last top bit - unless they have an eight year old, who is really only six but six year olds aren't aloud to go up the tower, so that day she was eight. My legs turned to jelly, but not hers.


Been wondering how the childrens' sketch books will be received during show-and-tell, anatomically correct drawings of David included.

Also wondering, does anyone dedicate years to the creation of just one piece of art any more? The David took Michelangelo three years to complete. Seen by millions, it's over 500 years old and still standing, and still very, very beautiful.

Must get back to mountains of laundry or we'll all be sporting birthday suits round here - and it won't be as pretty, trust me ;)



Sounds like a great trip! I love the snap from the top of the tower.


I was jealous when I read that you were going to Italy, and even more now that I've seen all those pics. What an amazing vacation that must have been! I want so bad to show my daughter the world, but it will have to wait a few more years. Until then, I can travel vicariously through others.


Anne, You won my Italy contest! I guess you haven't received my emails about it. Please email me your postal address if you see this comment - also tried to get in touch with you on your blog to no avail (your comments are closed.) If I don't hear from you I'll have to have a redraw! Hope you see this :)


Great blog!


Good to see the china clay mines being re-used for projects like Eden in Cornwall. It's still being exported as Kaolin from other areas.

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